06 Unforgettable PTV (Pakistan Television) Old Dramas of All the Time


Pakistani television dramas have beaten a triumph not only in Pakistan but everywhere in the world. The sole drama industry which has achieved a trendy startup after 1955 at the time of the PTV channel. It was only channelled in Pakistan and it was about 90s decade when its dramas got a lot of fame. After that time, many channels arose up then and now Pakistan has various channels a long list of producing amazing and stunning story scripts including Hum TV, Geo TV, ARY TV, BOL TV and Express entertainment drama channel. As we have explained Pakistani drama list in uncountable but following are the drama was the best startup of the Pakistan Television drama. Even these were watched in Hollywood and Bollywood also with English and Hindi subtitles. Lollywood is famous for dramas because the script is always strong by the story.


1. Alpha Bravo Charlie

Alpha Bravo Charlie

As the name show, the drama is all about the life and times of three characters – Faraz, Kashif, and Gulsher. These three are also called Alpha, Bravo and Charlie accordingly. This story is a remarkable factor of these three friends. These three patriotic persons wanted to start their careers for serving Pakistan’s army. The entire story was a thrilling adventure.

2. Ainak Wala Jin

Ainak Wala Jin drama

Ainak Wala Jin عینک والا جن‎ was a famous Pakistan children’s television series was produced in 1993 and continued till 1996. It was the only charm for kids at that time to watch. It was broadcasted by the sole channel Pakistan Television (PTV) from Lahore studio. Due to strong demand, it was broadcasted two times. Genie’s main role played by Shehzad Qaiser named of character as Nastoor. It was a full fun with multi characters.

3. Marvi

Old Drama Marvi

Marvi was a well-liked and admired drama series transmission was done on Pakistan Television Channel (PTV). It was an up-to-date variety of a Sindhi myth, in the form of the main character named as “Umar Marvi”. It plays the lead Ghazal Siddique, as Marvi and Hassam Qazi as her father’s role. Marvi was modified by Noor-ul-Huda Shah. Mahnoor Baloch’s role was also very fabulous. There are many famous Pakistani Actors and Actresses not known to today’s generation.

4. Dhuwan

Dhuwan Ptv Old drama

Dhuwan was a famous PTV drama of its time which was broadcast in 1994. It was the story of the five friends who accept the challenge the fight a war against terrorism and drug dealers. The serial remained famous for its neat shooting and open-minded practice of ammo to convey practicality.

5. Laag

laag old ptv serial

Laag was an Urdu drama broadcasted in 1998 from sole channel Pakistan Television Channel. It was a total action crime drama serial based serial. Its story was grounded on the problems of Kashmir and mostly shot in Pakistan processed in the part of Kashmir

6. Family Front

Family Front was a Pakistani humorous drama sitcom was broadcast in 1997 from Pakistan Television sole channel of entertainment at that time. This comedy was directed by Waseem Abbas and scriptwriter was Muhammad Younis Butt. The cast included Saba Hameed, and Waseem Abbas, Naseem Vicky.

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