10 Easy Ways to be Happy in the Year 2019


There are many ways to become happy as it is said that happiness is not a material thing that you can buy from a goldsmith’s shop or a butchers shop. The philosophy of happiness is very simple, “Receive happiness as you give it to others”. There are beaten popularity about a book published in America named, “When Likes are not enough: A crash course in the science of happiness”. It is written by Professor Tim Bono belongs to Washington University in St. Louis. In this book, the methods of living a happy life have been mentioned.

Following are 10 easy ways to be happy in 2019 according to the popular book discussed and mentioned above.

  1. Go out for an Aimless but Beneficial Walk

Many types of research have proved that natural environment can alter your bad mood into good and reenergize you within few minutes. However, nothing can replace the value of doing exercises. By doing exercises, your brain will get the stress-free relaxation by releasing the anxiety pressure. It leaves a positive impact on your body.

Go out for an Aimless but Beneficial Walk

  1. Wealth is not enough to make you happy

It has been proven that you cannot buy happiness through money. So, better try to buy experience and knowledge this year rather than materialism. Spend the money and go some serene place to see the realm of life. Do charity and buy a peace against by giving some coins. Psychology has proved that you get relaxation by doing charity for a divine purpose.

  1. Take a healthy sleep

A better peaceful sleep repair brains smash and crash so have a healthy sleep. It keeps your life and mood in happy shape. Lack of sleep is dangerous for your brain activity it slows down your thinking power that’s why prior to your sleep but doesn’t sleep more than 8 hours.

  1. Have time for yourself

Just give 30 minutes to yourself on daily basis to devote your time for any good virtue that satisfies your soul. You can specify this time for helping others to get happiness. For doing good for yourself can lessen your complaint about not having time for your self-being. By this way, you can have a hold over your life. That’s why you can get eternal happiness.

Have time for yourself

  1. Accept your failure

Reaction over failure is natural it may be in form of sadness or happiness. Failure is the best teacher that empowers you to fight against you nervousness Just keep in mind what Thomas (Belongs to IBM) said that “If you want to get the rate of success you have to double the rate of failure”

  1. Increase your determination and strength

As we do the practice of doing exercise similarly we have to make a practice of increasing our ‘will-power; we remain attentive on work if our mood and behaviour on daily matters remain strong and constant. Stay away to check phone again and again and beware of eating sweets and chocolates while you are going shopping.

  1. Don’t compare yourself with others

You must not compare yourself with others. Because you have abilities and powers that others don’t own. So be confident about what you have and own. Set your standard that is closed to reality rather than living a life full of illusions.

  1. Save time to meet others

Try to get out of the harsh and robotic machine. Try to talk to your friend or relative once a week. Just spare an hour to talk to a relative or friend who better have mind compatibility to listen to you. Science has been proved by doing so you remain happy.

Save time to meet others

  1. Learn, how to gratitude?

Be thankful to God and everyone in any case. Don’t complain all the time I did not get this or that. Do less complains and more grateful to others can make you more humble and strong.

  1. Less use of Social Media

It has been proved that given time to social media creates a stressful and sentimental feel in you. That’s why it is necessary to spend less time on social media. Many Studies has been proved that excessive use of Facebook increased the dear of nervousness and lessen your confidence. That’s why go out and meet people is a better solution to keep yourself near to reality.

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