15 Valentines Day Nail Paint Styles


Valentine’s Day’s manicure with one of these super fresh designs including bold shapes, loving hearts and that classic red and white colour palette will have you feeling the love in no time. The Beautiful and artistic designs could make without such an extraordinary effort. The occasion is very special, and the preparation for it should also be special. Here are some designs giving ideas to colourize your day more. Here are few Valentines Day nail paint styles for girls which we are going to discuss below.

Fifteen Valentines Day Nail Paint

15: A Heart Gold

Apply white background colour to all nails because it is on 15th number in our list. Make dotted colour deep red on all nails leaving middle finger and make a Gold Heart on it. It will make your nails a different look, especially for Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

14: A Little Rosy

Give a white background and create floral designs of it as Valentine’s Day is special for the red rose.

valentines day nail styles

13: Dock of Love

Apply nail paint using a couple of colours leaving one with border making a heart with red.

valentines day nail styles

12: Conversation Starrer

Exclusive styles for Valentine’s Day pale shades making candy type blue, pink, yellow and purple.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

11: Funky Reds

Design two dialogue box at the corner of nails keeping an empty diagonal gap. Colour up the edges red and Scarlett.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

10: Butter Me Up

Apply buttery yellow background and make some designs on it with glittery black. Make black hearts or any other shapes.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

9: Pile on Hearts

Create a background of light pink then apply two heart headed designs in pink and red on it.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

8: Mod Moon

A dotted candy on dual coloured nails.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

7: Glittery & Gorgeous

Pick the colours including glitter in them; the colours will shine your nails, pastels, pinkish and white combination.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

6: Eye Heart You

Put a blue and white with pinkish touch let’s do some graphic art on nails. Apply different designs, lining designs or anything else.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

5: Sugar, Sugar

Little candies on nails having candy colours glittery shine background.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

4: Cosmic Love

Glitter stars shine on nails.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

3: Dreamy Half Moons

Draw half-moons on nails using two colours apply red heart stickers on them will display an excellent look.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

2: Heart to Heart

Create little ovals on outer tips of nails, do this after filing your nails in an almond shape.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

1: Color Block

Put a base of candy pink then a bold red stripe on it will make an eye-catching look.

Valentines Day Nail Paint

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