4 Most Known Chinese Recipes – Favorite and Popular in Indo-Pak


There is a wide variety of tastes in Chinese cuisines with a diverse likeness that craves out all kinds of traditional Chinese food. It is most popular and liked cuisine among people of Pakistan and India. With the dynamic choosy population on behalf of the tastes, various Chinese foods have diverse spices to try so the people desire for. Not only Pakistan but India although has the likeness for the variants shares of the continental dishes either Turkish or Italian but China, the neighbouring country of ours. Indo-Pak has made our menus incomplete without Chinese Cuisine.

There is a famous Chinese foods’ list popular among Pakistan and India’s food lovers.

  1. Soups

Pakistani kitchens swank a vivant variety with amazing ranges of Chinese soups which are appreciated all over in Indo-Pak not among kids but younger as well. Soups which are elegance of chill winter months are popular glutton trends. Holding a warm bowl of soup is an amazing taste to follow. Chinese soups like Hot & Sour Soup, Mushroom and Olive Corns, Fish vegetables and Noodle Corny soup are very popular among Indians and Pakistani denizens.


  • Famous Slurped Soup; hot and sour soup:

  • Ingredients and Making

Chicken whelmed broth made up of onion, garlic, black pepper, white pepper and salt. Add some shredded boiled chicken in its broth. Now add some red chilli sauce, soya souse and vinegar up to taste you desire. If you want to thicken it add the desired spoon of corn flour. It is ready to serve. It is very strength giving.

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  1. Noodles

Ah! The salty, slippery plate of edible joy is called noodles… Noodles are bumped into the Chinese food vivaciously but now it is a well known and chunky dish of the Asians also. That has been transferred its tastes now rooted in the kids of Indo-Pak. Delightful taste has been spreading its arms too fast in there. Maggi and Knorr were famous but now K & Ns, Bake Parlor and Kolsons. Chinese Hakka Noodles, Chicken Cheese Noodles, chowmein are very likeable foods in India and Pakistan.


  • Famous Delicious; Chowmein

  • Making and Ingredients:

Boiled Noodles or Pasta separate for 7 to 8 minutes make a separate mixture of chicken by marinating it into corn flour, black pepper, white pepper and yogurt, then fry them and set aside. Now fry chopped capsicum, carrot, cabbage and onion into oil by adding soya sauce, ginger and salt. Now mix fried chicken into noodles and chopped fired vegetables served them well to have the fun of eating chowmein.

  1. Manchurian

Chicken Manchurian is at the top of the hit list of the favourite Chinese foods. It was first time introduced on a Dhabba in Calcutta. Gradually, tastes spread all over in Indo-Pak. It is a tentacle favourable food when eaten once. Manchurian is served with fried rice comprised of eggs and vegetables. It is very easy to find out its recipe on YouTube.


  • Recipe:

Just fry garlic in oil add half kg chicken and fry it add some ketchup, black pepper and salt into it. Add 2 tablespoon sugar in the mixture and heat up the Manchurian until chicken cooks till stiff. Serve with fried rice.

  1. Fried Rice and its Recipe:

Fried Rice is a Chinese dish that is ready by pan-frying in a wok can be arranged using root vegetable, eggs, meat or shredded chicken into it. This slenderness is not only popular in South-east Asia but also all over the world. Chinese food has made a stand out among the world’s most popular hotels and restaurants. In Pakistan, it is popular among kids.

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