5 Best Places to Visit in India; A heaven on Earth


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India is an Asian state lies in subcontinent. It is a mix state consists of multi-culture and multi-religion people. Most people follow Hinduism and Sikhism there. It is 3rd most populous country in the world and 2nd most poor country in the world. Even though it is a poorer state but still earning 11% of its national income from foreign exchange of tourism. There are many places to worth visit in India most probably include Goa, Shimla, Mcleodganj, Andaman, Leh-Ladakh, Binsar, Kutch, Bir Billing, Assam, Rishikesh and many more.

Goa; A Heaven is Hidden under the Laps of Mountains
Undoubtedly, Goa is a place to cherish for newlywed couples to cherish their romantic moments of honeymoon. Well, it is a well-known place for parties, variety of liquors, beach hangings and night pubs and clubs. Goa is one of the best places in India a must-see staycation spot to make your trip memorable. The best time to visit Goa could be November to February when the cold weather will let you enjoy the things more properly. You can go by plane, train or on cars by roads. The main fascination to visit in Goa is Vagator, Calagutel Waterfalls, and many more.
GOA Beach - MMTVShimla: A Bride in White with Captivating Beauty
Shimla is a cold snowy place for those who love to visit a white bride with the full bloom of captivating beauty. It will let you know your memories of childhood when you plan to visit white lands of Shimla which is best to visit in March to June because it is not only snow but lovable to see white curtains everywhere. It has based pine forests and verdant valley. Experiencing the toy train journey makes it more joyful among the most visiting cities in India.

Shimla India -MMTV

Valley of Flowers; treasures of flora and fauna
The Valley of Flowers lies in Uttarakhand covering with more than 300 flower species, gather every year in India to witness this place holding these species or not. If so they get the seeds of these flowers for their own home gardening. These flowers are famous for the beauty behold that captures the love moments of those who come up and collect memories of their romantic stories by spending time together, Today, this heavenly sanctuary is becoming the platform of international travelers who mostly lobe to visit in July to September because most of the flowers growing up in these months. Famous nearby attractions are Govindghat, Devi National Park and Pushpawati Holy River.
Uttarakhand India - MMTVMumbai; the city of lights
A gem under the progress of growing success. It is a commercial spot of India where every 2nd person from another part of the world come and want to polish its skills. Youngsters more often come there for the purpose of earning a livelihood. It is a city that never sleeps where highways and roads remain busy 24/7. All in one out a grand jury of celebrities and sportsmen are living a leading and busy life here in Mumbai.

Mumbai India - MMTVKolkata; enrichment of culture, art and charms
The Kolkata is enriched in cultural fantasy when entire city gathers to celebrate the joy of their god name ‘Durga’s Puja. It is a Bengali cultural event when people enjoy it with puja’s noise, sweets, Bengali desserts, decorated colorful Pandal and the big fire glim. The best time to visit this part of India is from November to February. Many famous singers belong to Kolkata includes Shreya Goshal and Lata Mangeshkar. The sweetish voiced ladies are well known and holding the millions heart in their melodious voice. This city is the origin of multi-talented people with creative minds. Kolkata holds 4.497 million people of total population.
Kulkata India MMTVGrasping sight
India is all about the place of sceneries and landscapes. People from all over the world gather there to feast their eyes with Asian perceptive of life and to visit best places in INDIA. If you want to know about a more similar culture don’t forget to like and share this one. For more info  and latest entertainment news stay updated with MMTV.

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