5 Top Ways to Accomplish Long Lasting Lipstick



Lipstick is the most dynamic part out of your whole makeup that cannot be forgotten to keep in handbags. In case of an emergency, if you would have to run out suddenly by the call of your husband or boyfriends let have a date or candle dinner somewhere. Such is a situation you cannot forbear. Just you would have to find that out of your bag and will apply two or more coats of colour to your lips. No additional make is required in hasten when you have applied lipstick solely. Only lipstick is the one can change face’s features. Many girls are tired of the situation when they eat dinner their lipstick get vanished.

Lipstick and Women

Following tips are going to help your out for long lasted lipstick.

  1. Rub with a gentle scrub before apply lipstick.

The first rule to apply lipstick is to flat your lips by smoothing or softening them. So, the best way to do so exfoliate your lips to remove crumbly dry spots. You can do so with a useless toothbrush to remove the dry spots gently. Just rub your lips with the mix of coconut oil and brown sugar. This lip scrub is healthy that nourishes your lips as well as keep their natural pink colour alive. Thanks, this mixture that leaves an impact of plump and rosy feel.

  1. Pick an enriched Luxe Lip Balm

Lipstick brands

Your lips need to be hydrated which is a key to give an amazing pouted (famous these days) look to your lips. You must look for a lip balm that is okay for moisturizing and rich in soothing ingredients as well. Vitamin E and natural oils, like Loreal Lips Balms, are helpful for nourishing your lips enrich in an anti-inflammatory ingredient such as honey is a major one.  which is also soaped up with the hydrating humectant and anti-inflammatory ingredient, honey. You must apply lip balm after exfoliation before going to bed to get pink rose petal to feel for your lips.

  1. Think twice before lip liner application

You must think twice before applying a lipliner because of your lipstick and lips will get an enhancement with the shape and colour you will apply as your lipliner. You must apply by keeping the shape perfectly outlined. Maybelline Lipliner New York is perfect for the shaping your lip traces well.

  1. Prime Your Pout with Concealer

Lipstick for women

If you are wondered why lipstick hue look indifferent onto your lips while it is different when it is in balm tube. It is just because unlike people’s have diverse lip colours. So, must equalise your lip skin colour to give a real look of similar colour. You must use primer edges of your pout i.e. pout specifier primer. These primers are available in the market in a different shade of your skin tone type or you can get the concealer. Apply the best concealer or primer, Krylon is best to apply to enhance your pout.

  1. Apply lip colour with help of fingers

Your finger is one of the best tools you already have it in your handbag’s makeup kit LOL! You can better and easily touch your skin with your fingers. Girls are mostly easy to apply to makeup and lipsticks with a finger to mix the shades to make them of your own choice.

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