6 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Dubai


Many people in the world adopt different hobbies according to their choices such as reading, self-writing, singing, gardening, coin collecting, travelling, and many more. Sometimes it happens people not only love to travel but like to write their experience in their itinerary books. An estimate according to the research made that every year round about 38% people from all over the globe choose Dubai to spend their holidays out there in the deep blue sea on the man-made island ‘The Atlantis Palm Island Dubai. They want to get heed of love over the heights of Burj Khalifa where at the 124th floor the observation deck is waiting for you to see Dubai above board at a 180-degree angle. If you want to visit Dubai of old times then you must visit Dubai Creek, Al Bastakiya and Deira Dubai, where you will find old souks of gold, spices and clothing. In short, Dubai is all about innovation as well as it never gives space to the people who cannot afford Jumeirah Lake Towers and its surroundings.

Let’s have a detail look at the most famous six places to visit in Dubai, you must not need to miss them while visiting Dubai.

Places To visit in Dubai

  1. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is the world’s costly 7-star hold up. It is an extravagance of hypnotizing eye-get. This bewildering structural piece was adjusted by Tom Wright in 1999 was an American prehistorian. It was difficult to stand a model in the dark blue ocean however Tom made it conceivable with his splendid thoughts. This is its value that polarizes explorers throughout the world to the Burj Al Arab. It is remaining on a man-made Island which is the property of a rich Arabian. From sustenance, beverages, sweets and even fun with respect to amusements you will find everything there on a single spot.

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2- Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest structures in the world after the destroyed world trade centre of America. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world go along to observe this Guinness world recorded place. All parts of the lavish inn bear the markings of Giorgio Armani, from the room plans to the textures and goods chose. A lavish luxury standing alive on feet. It is the story of elite and extravagance. Normal people cannot afford on budget kind of thing on this posh part of Dubai

Burj Khalifa - MMTV

  1. Jumeirah Lake Towers

In a city brimming with world record-breaking marvels and stunning design, the man-made Palm Jumeirah emerges as one of Dubai’s most interesting and tempting zones for guests and local people alike. Palm Jumeirah is a building and structure accomplishment, a desert garden of extravagance and stimulation on the Persian Gulf, arranged on an island that takes after a palm tree. From shops to inns, to eateries, and shoreline clubs the Palm offers something for everybody and is extraordinary compared to other places in Dubai to unwind and drench up the sun.

Jummerriah Lake Tower - MMTV

  1. Dubai Marina

Travel further into the city, to the flourishing beat of Dubai Marina, one of the Emirate’s more up to date private and amusement areas and you’ll find significantly more fun on your staycation. This beautiful neighborhood is the ideal blend of both shoreline and multicultural vibes, expand on man-made channels and arranged on the bank of the Arabian Gulf. Here you’ll discover sparkly present day skyscraper extravagance flat squares, five-star shoreline resorts, many eateries, nearby and global boutiques and shops, and a large number of running and strolling ways for your delight.

Dubai Marina-MMTV

  1. Deira Dubai

The souks are the ordinary commercial centers in the old Dubai Deira town that is taking out an image of the old Arabian lived their life in own style. There are three primary old souks named as 1. The Deira Gold Souk, 2. The Spice Souk and the last one is 3. The Textile Souk. It is truly a best-planned market territory where you can see right around a sole female is shopping in solitude by bartering without a no hustle and bustle of worry.

Deira Dubai - MMTV

  1. Al Bastakiya Dubai

The Bastakia Quarter’s foundations were laid in the late 19th century to be the home of well-off Persian vendors who managed basically in pearls and materials and were attracted to Dubai in view barter exchanging and access to Dubai Creek. Bastakia enjoys the eastern bit of Bur Dubai along the rivulet, and the coral and limestone structures here, numerous with dividers finished with wind-towers, have been amazingly safeguarded. Wind-towers furnished the homes here with an early type of cooling – the breeze caught in the towers was piped down into the houses. Persian vendors likely transplanted this design component from their nation of origin to the Gulf.
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