6 Most Seductive Fragrances for Men


There are many things ambitious men would like to wear. The never-ending list of those things is all about the brands they are used to wear such as branded clothing t-shirts; dress shirts, pants, pyjamas, baggy pants, goggles and specs, wallets and watches, and shoes. Man is living a life with his own swag. What they like, what they wear, and how they look like and their hairdressings and styles all depends on their own choice. These days the trend of burger boys are common with the respect of age factor. So they are very precise about the collection of stuff they used to wear. Here it was about the good looking man wearing a provocative aroma and the women following the cologne. Aromas or fragrances have been in presence from time long-established and with the progression of time

Following are the most seductive perfumes used by men in 2019.

Mr Burberry

Mr Burberry

If you are searching for an aroma that is erotic, lovely and charming, Burberry is the best wagered for you. This fragrance has a sweet-smelling and woody smoke that is perfect for the present new-age man. The smell is durable with fewer odds of reapplication. You can look over different notes of aromas like new mint, natural tarragon, fiery cardamom, citrusy grapefruit, fragile lavender, woody cedar, sweet nutmeg, birch leaf, oak greenery, warm benzoin, golden wood, gritty vetiver, guaiac wood, and sandalwood.

Nautica Voyage

Nautica has been known for conveying sea-going aromas to men everything being equal among women. This fragrance is well-suited for quickening your preparing routine and its manly aroma is key of thrilling ocean shower which gives a feel of the sensational closeness of your love. Appealing lotus and impeccable mimosa with fresh apple and green leaves are what the aroma is a blend of.



Axe has been replaced many scents in Asia such as “fog and extreme hot” since its introduction. It is mostly sold brand in Indo-Pak and popular among women to get attracted by men. The sweet scent has introduced not only cologne but also body duos. Axe has been recorded as a best smelling body sprays collection ranked as number one aroma ever. Essence is at the top in the list of top axe body spray date the best supper with your love.


Mont Blanc Legend

If you are looking for a throughout the day scent, Legend by Mont Blanc is the thing that you should search for. The scent is a blend of a fruity and woody aroma that is certain to blow some people’s minds towards you. The aroma is accessible in different notes like bergamot, pineapple leaves, lavender, and verbena to hypnotize your woman. Alongside this, the sweet and mitigating smell of apple is additionally accessible.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Packaged Oud has a captivating equalization of regular oud, saffron, cloves and citrus that makes it a decent one to check whether you like the style. There’s nothing excessively fascinatingly hot or fiery going on, and each note plays well with the others to make an outlandish, yet wearable smell to meet her at the roof at dinner in the dusk with romantic candle lights.


Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water by Davidoff: Cool, masculine and sophisticated is the thing that characterizes this romantic cologne by Davidoff. The scent can be worn by various sorts of men on various occasion especially on dates to mesmerize their partner. For a nonstop aroma experience, you basically can’t stand to miss on this. The different notes that are accessible under this brand might be ocean water, mint, lavender, and coriander, an ideal mix to wear nearly whenever, anyplace. Stay updated by subscribing MMTV and getting push notification in your desktop.

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