7 Common myths among people of Indo-Pak must be forego



It is very well said people are very superstitious on this planet called earth. That why they always used to keep charms belongs to any shrine, gods and goddesses. Similarly, this trend is very common in India and Pakistan. If you have come across with a bad dream. It will be considered like something is going to happen worse to you. Or any pleasant dream will be well-thought-out like its best dream which is the indication of something is going to happen very best into your life in upcoming days.

Following are the most known, common and sometimes aggressively furious superstitions or myths of human life that must be foregone.

  1. Scary or Bad Dreams relate with the “Bad Happenings”


Many scientists say that dreams are nothing else than illusions. These illusions are all those happenings we used to witness the whole. So, we see dreams based on our daily routine series by series throughout the whole night. Many people are very superstitious who correlate bad happenings in their life with the bad dreams they saw. Likewise, they consider dreams are the chains that have to happen in your life either bad or good.

  1. Number 13

the number 13

The number 13 is considered bad luck. It is said that bad luck comes in 3. Many scientists have proved this theory nothing else than a superstition. This is a modern era where we are finalizing the future with technology. How we can believe such illogical statements.

  1. Black Cat Crosses the Path proves a Bad Luck

black cat crosses path

If you are going somewhere for your good work and a black cat crosses your path, it means nothing. The illusion you have created in the back-end of your memory is just your illegal statement nothing will happen to your good work. You cannot kill all black cats of the world. Its normal thing. But our mind cannot grow where innovation has taken us to the moon though. These cats are said to belong from paranormal stuff.

  1. Crossing Fingers

Crossing fingers

When people are about to hear news about their biggest event of life then they crossed their finger at their back and close their eyes just because they want to hear good news. Its nothing else than a state of mind. Because scientists have proved that mind cannot be changed if it is firmed on the wrong scenarios.

  1. Don’t Cross Someone Over if He is Lied Down

The worst myth upon people’s mind is; if you are lying down on the floor and someone crosses over you then it will be considered your height will never grow. LOL! Either it is not a fact just a myth of people’s own minds creativity.

  1. Putting Black Cloth onto Your Precious Stuff – Save from Evil-Eyes

When they buy a most expensive car or a house, they keep a piece of black cloth onto that new expensive stuff. You know why? Because they don’t want people will see their expensive stuff with evil eyes. If people do so then that black piece of cloth will absorb the badness of their evilness. LOL! It is also not factual because mindset cannot be changed according to science so let do human behaviour with what they are satisfied.

  1. Bad Luck If A Glass Will Be Broken

broken glass

If a glass broke up it is also considered the bad thing to happen. All in one out is there are many myths of the people’s mind that cannot be educated at any cost because you can teach a kid but not an educated ignorant.

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