7 Easy Step to Speak English Fluently


We know that every country has its own language such as Arabic, Latin, Roman, Mulayam, Dutch, Scottish, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, French, and so on. It means if countries are 195 as a whole on the map of the world lives accordingly region, caste, culture, and traditional ways of life so it is the possibility they own a mother language. How they are connected by lingual basis? Only English is an international language that connects total 195 states of the world with each other. English is also known as Business language famous as “Second Language” in the world. Short form to search is “ESL”.

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As English speaking is an international language then why it is the second language? If it is the second language then which is first spoken the language in the world? A common question that arises after knowing that English is a second language and the simple answer is, the first language is “Chinese” because China holds total population rest half of the world and people in China speaks Chinese more than English so Chinese is a first language spoken in the world.

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Seven Easy Steps to Speak English Fluently:

Following are the enlisted steps to speak in English fluently.

  1. Read Text out aloud

If you want to be proficient in speaking English, you have to speak the texts aloud whatever you are reading you have to listen to your own voice. Set your vocal voice on the terms of pauses, rise and fall of your voice in different styles and accent. Try to copy a native spoken you love to listen. It will boost you up with more easy pathways to speak in own style.

  1. Trust your teacher

You need to trust your teacher, you ask him/her either how she/he can help you separate from the whole class to speak in your teacher’s own style. You have to say him/her that you want to be like your teacher then she is going to help you out anyway you have to trust your teacher by speaking right or wrong in front of her rather than getting embarrassed.

Trust your teacher

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  1. Make Practice in front of the mirror

Best way to speak in English is to ‘make practice in front of the mirror’. It is going to make you strong else you will witness your own facial expression and learn how you will have to change expression by speaking English. You will also learn confidence that by speaking with these expressions you are finest or not.

  1. Listen to English News and Read Newspaper

Best way to keep a lot of vocabulary, you need to read the newspaper and listen to the channel BBC News. It will boost up your inner ability to copy the one you love to listen.

  1. Try not to be shy what I spoke up ‘wrong or right’

You must no need to lower your confidence down just because what I speak is right or wrong. Whatever you are speaking just speak with confidence and someday you will learn your Grammar mistakes and will get a grip over it.

not to shy while speaking english

  1. Fluency depends upon speak up with confidence

All you need to speak in English matters; it’s your confidence. If you are speaking with stopping it by “mm or hmm” you will speak better where you start thinking like: Am I wrong here or not? Believe that you will never boost yourself for speaking in English fluently.

  1. Smile, Breathe and Memorize word with vocabulary

When you feel you are getting exhausted you must stop for 10 secs and give a smile to the audience or your listeners exhale or inhale a long breathe for 10 sec without giving them a doubt that you are confused then you can nail it. You have to memorize vocab words by making a practice of daily basis two small sentences. It will worth benefit you with a stock of English vocabulary. For more easiness to learning, you need to get subscribe MMTV. Stay tuned, we will be right back soon.

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