A Melodic Celebrated Ali Sethi Will Go Live In Dubai


A captivating sensation of Pakistan is going to entertain you on 10th of March 2018 at Madinat Theatre. Ali Sethi has a lot of skills as he is well famed due to his novelist, despite the fact, he earns a dominant place among mellifluous melodies that takes matchless significance. He gets equivalent fame in each and every field. He has had done graduation from Harvard University. Sethi is so much talented person of his field, as soon as he sings he win hearts. At present, his second performance is going to be held in Dubai in a row. Now concert will take in nearby 500 old and young South Asian community members.

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The Musical Will Connect Communities

The musical is arranged to provide a platform for different communities to bond together at one place in the glittering evening. The singer being a wonderful orator will briefly speak communities together; the singer being a brilliant singer will concisely verbalize his every piece in advance melodic it. The introducer of him @ Dubai, Ayesha Imtiaz of Poetic Strokes stated.

Ali Sethi

Captivating Voice Of Ali Sethi

On top of imparting his voice in the direction of the soundtrack for the movies similar to Manto, besides, The Reluctant Fundamentalist. The thirty-four-year-old has covered various songs that have been made famous via other voices, yet he restores all those soundtracks in his voice in singular fashion. Some prominent models consist of ‘Kithay Nain Na Jorin, ‘Haal Aisa Nahin’ and ‘Yaad Mein Teri.’

Ali Sethi

Ali Sethi & Classical Music

In like manner, Ambika Vohra further illustrates her enthusiasm towards the young singer Ali Sethi has made a best follow up to his appetite; besides arranging for incredible parts of classical music in a premium form to echo astoundingly. Furthermore, after sharing the music scene with the music maestro, ‘Abida Parveen’ in coke studio’s “Aaqa” last year; his rise and rise has been simply marvelous. A disciple of Ustad Naseeruddin Sami he has got a spark of merging his artistic penchant by academia. Moreover, Sethi was a member in Lahore Literary Festival at New York before this summer; in addition, used the stage in Lahore as the role of a music and poetry show event named Misaq-e- Ishq.

Ali Sethi

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