Amir Khan Say Happy New Year on Social Media


The famous boxer Amir Khan posted his photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to wish his fans New Year. He posted a picture with his family including wife and daughter, which also proves his solidarity with his wife. Amir Khan said Happy New in this way while sharing his family’s sparkling pictures and declared 2016 a great year. He also hopes for the best in 2017.

Amir Khan Say Happy New Year on Social Media

There was some news of tension between Faryal Makhdoom and her in-laws. While apparently no resolution shown, the fight seems to calmed down, albeit momentarily. In his 1st tweet on January 1, Amir Khan greeted his fans and their families and reiterated optimism for 2017. On the other hand, Faryal Makhdoom Khan also posted a wish “blessed New Year” on her Twitter account. And she also voiced enthusiasm for future with this wish.

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After Six hours of the post, she tweeted again, emphasising on how people usually overlook their “blessings,” and mentioned gratitude. Also she uploaded picture on her Instagram from Los Angeles, with the caption “Happy New Year from the Khans on 2017.” On Friday, Faryal they drew her hair when she was pregnant and backbit about her to Amir Khan’s parents.

She also want to mention that I was in a pressure to sign a contract which related to the prenuptial agreement. The agreement which was later cancelled by the boxer. Eventually, on Saturday, Sajjad Khan commented in an interview that his son is likely to divorce Faryal Makhdoom soon. He described her as a sick mother, saying “[she has] gone with him and left their poor baby girl with the other grandparents of her in New York,” and discarded all allegations made by her.

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