3 Apps For Ramadan You Must have In Your Smartphone


Ramadan is a holy month brings happiness and opportunity to make you place in Jannah but how and what is the way to follow to get? Of course! The only way is to do good deeds and leave bad one as well. As a result, you will achieve the basic task of the Holy month Ramadan Kareem. In the field of technology, you will also get help for your good deeds as well as regulations in Ramadan Kareem. Here are three apps for Ramadan Kareem to facilitate you in the holy month. You can plan, you can get, you can make, and you can worship in a better way.

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Apps For Ramadan

Ramadan Recipes

3 Apps For Ramadan You Must have In Your Smartphone

Are you looking for some exceptional and special for Ramadan recipes? Here are up to 700 exciting and yummy recipes to prepare for Ramadan. In addition, typical all dishes have been added to the menu. In this one of 5 apps for Ramadan, you will get visual images of the dishes together with a description in detail. Different categories also provide you ease to find the recipe you are looking for.

Ramadan Legacy

3 Apps For Ramadan You Must have In Your Smartphone

The app takes in all of the things that you need to get being a Muslim. The app just like an Islamic social network having 1 million users. Ramadan Legacy holds inside a lot of things like it holds a planner that plan for you, prayers, fasted days as well as recitals, for 30 days. So the whole month of Ramadan Kareem you don’t need to worry about anything. Besides, a lot other Islamic knowledge you will find there.

Dhikr & Dua – Quran, Ramadan

3 Apps For Ramadan You Must have In Your Smartphone

One of top 5 apps for Ramadan Kareem, the app takes in 262 Dhikr and Duas that are authentic as well. The sources to get these Dhikr and Dua are Holy Quran and some other famous resources. Furthermore, you will find here different categories of Duas. The app also holds an audio effect of all duas which provide you ease to understand in a better way to have it in a well-trained speaker’s voice. In this app, you will get a notification to recite a specific Dua periodically.

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