Asian Bangles Trend to Be Wear for spring 2019 – Clank Clank Bangles


Every girl has a big craze and love for the bangles. Girls’ personality without bangles is incomplete. Most probably multi-colored bangles are wearing by the teenage girls. This trend is very common among the ladies of the Indo-Pak. A tradition and preserved culture define it since centuries that married or young girls clothing and jewelry wearing are incomplete if she has forgotten to wear the bangles. While making chapatti, the clank of her bangles must be heard. When its spring starts, the girls wear multi bangle and celebrate a colorful festival called Basant. In “Basant” they go to the roof with the men of the family and fly kites with them and have fun.

Following are the trends major bangles trend of 2019. But these trends always remain “In-Fashion” for 24/7.

1. Red Bengals Famous; A Culture of Bridal Wear

bridal Bengals

Red bangles are the bridals’ traditional wear of the Indo-Pak charms. Culturally, a bridal is incomplete without wearing red Bengals. This trend remain alive since centuries and the lady who is wearing a set of red bangles will considered married. Normally, when Indian actresses get married they love to look like traditional bridal rather than western bridal.

2. Bangles Made of Glass (Kanch Ki Choriyan)

Kanch Ki Multi Choriyan

Very popular and never dimmed trend in Sub-Continent Asia is; bangles made of glasses. In this region, this culture could not die even modern centuries has introduced but kanch ki churi trend’s mode is still on. It is also a famous proverb in this region, if you want to confess your love to a girl then you just simply gift her red bangles made of glass. It is a strong symbol of love to present. For a bridal, it considers an incomplete dressing of a bridal if she has not worn red bangles even in a single hand. Mehndi and Choriyan are considered overall jewelry of a girl in Indo-Pak. It’s a strong part of the culture there.

3. Many Movies are Made on the Name of the Bangles

Hare Kanchi ki Choriyan

Many movies and songs were made on this fashion lead, a Pakistani movie called Choorian was made in 1998, it was a big hit of the year but remain popular since few decades. Even, today when people sit together they love to watch it cast were Saima Khan and Momar Rana.

An Indian Movie named, “Hare kanch ki Choorian” in 1967 was a super duper hit of the year. The cast with the major and minor lead role was Asrani, Helen, Rajendra Nath.

  1. Modern Trend of Bangles 2019 worn by College Goings

Well, as you all know this is 2019 so, the girls are getting modern and don’t want to wear a lot of bangles. They prefer to look simple, decent and sophisticated. So, they wear delegate jewels. They love to wear the bangles having sensitive maintenance. They have a lot more shrug about elegance, so they don’t like to wear heavy bright colours. There is a decent advice for such people who want to feel and looked soft. They must wear chunky and starry bracelets made stuff.

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