Nawaz Sharif punished 10, Maryam 7 years Jail for Avenfield Case


At last, the most awaited decision has made, and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was sentenced to 10 years jail. Besides, Maryam Nawaz sentenced seven years Jail along with her husband who got 1-year prison punishment. The decision of Avenfield case has been announced on Friday.

Panama Papers Verdict Supreme Court Disqualified Prime Minister

What’s more? The family has also been charged fine; Nawaz Sharif: 8 million pounds; Maryam Nawaz: 2 million pounds. The court reserved its decision in the first three corruption references for former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. In addition, Maryam Nawaz (his daughter), and Captain (R) Muhammad Safdar (his son in law). The decision is filed on the word of Supreme Court by corruption overseer of the country. The Judge Bashir Ahmed reserve the judgment who finished conspicuousness trial in the direction of Supreme Court Judge.

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AvenField Case Decision

Authorities had set up a massive security staff in and all over the Federal Judicial Complex, in which the court is situated. Moreover, all of the roads going to the complex were closed for the general traffic. Earlier, Nawaz Sharif has requested to delay the decision of Avenfield case. Whereas, the Supreme Court rejected his appeal to delay and announce its decision today.

Panama Papers Verdict Supreme Court Disqualified Prime Minister

Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are at present in London to attend their ailing wife and mother, who is going through the cancer treatment. Three cases are filed by the National Accountability Bureau which is as follow:

  • Avenfield Case (the decision of the case has announced today)
  • Gulf Steel Mills (Decision pending)
  • Al-Azizia Steel Mills (decision pending)

Nawaz Sharif and his sons are involved in all three cases, whereas, Maryam and his husband were indicted in the Avenfield case.

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