Pakistan Government Bans Sale of Loose Cigarettes


In keeping with international rehearses, the government has banned the trade of loose cigarettes country-wide. Prime Minister & chairperson of the meeting Shahid Khaqan, the federal cabinet bans the sale of loose cigarettes. Retailers from corner to corner the country will not be permissible to vend cigarettes as of open packets starting at present. Ministry of National Health Services and Regulations recommended this ban which was finally approved by the federal cabinet. According to a ministry representative; The ministry of national health had been striving to put a bans sales of loose cigarettes for the last two years.

Government Bans Sales of Loose Cigarettes

The plan by health ministry dates back to December 2016. On top of, the plan that bans the sale of loose cigarettes, the committee more suggested there would be a ban on the use of sheesha and more than a few further tobacco stuff. The ministry further added one more thing to its plan to extent firmly to control smoking in the public areas, after that no one can do smoking openly.

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All Pakistan Cigarette, Pan and Beverage Retailers Association disparate the ministry’s change of rules that bans the sale of loose cigarettes in January. Furthermore, the representatives of the association made it clear that round about 700,000 people are working and participating in this business. On the other hand, they are supporting about 3 million people by earning money via this business. The association called for to be a part of the meeting course. Still, it has not cleared that if the association members consulted before the plan implementation or not? This law is helpful and for good future of kids because it will prevent smoking due to less money. Furthermore, all of the developed countries have done this process to ban on the sale of loose cigarettes.

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