Basant Kite Festival in Pakistan and India


Basant Kite festival is loved to celebrate in Pakistan especially in Punjab areas; the kite festival is a traditional type of event in Pakistan and India. People fly kites throughout the night too, that brightens the sky in an exceptional manner. On the occasion of the Basant Kite, Flying Festival kicks off, the Basant Mela market further starts. The Basant Mela market sells several items and takes some of the other festival’s activities. The Basant Mela is a full place chockfull thru flowers and fruits, and also luxurious Punjabi food. There will be the most extensive variety of kebabs to taste at the Basant Kite Festival, as well as puppet shows, horse dancing, folk dancing, handicrafts, and arts.

Reason to Celebrate Basant Kite Festival in Pakistan and India

The main concern of the Basant kite festival is to gather majority of people at one place, as it celebrated keenly and joyfully, people used to buy kites and thread for it and gathers at one site or on the roofs of their home. Spring the season of colors and life. The lively season loved and enjoyed by all of the people. To celebrate the season more energetically Basant Kite festival contributes much more than anything else.

Futile Festivals in Pakistan Bases and Roots

A large number of people gathers and starts contest again and again with the colorful kites that called Pecha when a couple of kites fight with each other via their threads. One of them cut down in the end. The cutting kite thread holder considered the loser whereas the other considered as a winner.

Basant Kite Festival 2018

The special treats are readied on the occasion to make it more and more interesting; like sweats special sweets prepared for the day. In India, Boondi Ladu and Meethe chawal (Sweet Rice) are most prominent dishes to serve on the day. This festival also considered very auspicious as it’s meant to guide new beginnings in the life of a child. Traditionally children were taught to write their first word on this day. It considered a blessed beginning of learning with the Goddess of Knowledge worshiped as the presiding deity on this day.

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