2018 Basant Mela by Sharjah Kite Flying Club & Al Ghurair


As spring is on the peak so what you made preparations with the intention to celebrate this floral & colorful season? Love to take part in flowery exhibitions, contests, and different festivals but what about the traditional celebrations? Thanks to Basant Mela 2018 the Kite Flying Festival that is going to be organized by Sharjah Kite Flying Club & Al Ghurair Exchange on the 29th (night) and 30th (day) March at Jazirat Zawrah, Ajman, and Venue: Al Zorah community, Ajman.

Basant Mela 2018 At Jazirat Zawrah, Ajman

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In the Basant Mela 2018, you get all of the fun that you need while flying a kite with your friends and family. The better place results in better enjoyment, as there is everything for your entertainment. A separate area for families, in like manner; kids play area also established for children not to feel boredom instead enjoy more. Furthermore, food and beverages will also present there. There are also Hina stalls as Hina is the central thing on any occasion especially for the girls; but also for the boys in latest trends. Live DJ and much much more to facilitate your time.

Basant Mela 2018 by Sharjah Kite Flying Club

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