Bermuda Triangle; an Untold Mystery


Bermuda triangle is an untold and unsolved mystery since centuries, it is said that belongs to some devil’s concern like belongs to an Illuminati purpose, well really is it so? Amm; forget it I don’t know what is the truth. But as far as the concern: it is heard and read anyhow that many boats, ships, aircraft, planes, and any flying jet kind of things in its surroundings sank down in that part of the sea. Many people try to write on this topic many types but could completely justify with the topic

Today we are just going to go through the most considerable facts collected from different parts of websites or newspapers that are agreeable numbers with a ‘yes, this is a fact’ motto.

  • Where actually its origin is?

Bermuda triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, ensues to be one of the most shadowy places on this planet. Situated at the Southeastern shore of the US in the darkness of the Atlantic Ocean, between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico, the section has turned into the center of uncertain secrecies. With an area covering 500,000 miles of sea, it is a part of a busy shipping path in the world, with enormous containers moving toward America and Europe crossing by Bermuda every day.

  • What has happened to the people since centuries?

It is more due to the unexplainable consequences that mark it a highly calculated and yet puzzling component of earth’s surface. Over the centuries, a large number of ships and planes have been vanished as per reported to have oddly disappeared in the region. Also, this Devil’s Triangle has been responsible for the vanishing of thousands of people in the past decades, it is not a story it’s a fact, some people called it a paranormal activity while others called it a spot influenced by some heavy black magic.

  • What happened to the people who go there?

The tales around Bermuda triangle starts in the time of Christopher Columbus when he allegedly saw a blaze of fire colliding into the ocean in the triangle during his first expedition to the New World. However, the mysterious performance of this section came into the public attention only in the 20th century when many planes and boats starting disappeared amidst the sea as Navy cargo ship, USS Cyclops, with more than 500 people vanished on the board and missed in the Bermuda triangle. The most recent such case in this zone is the vanishing of a small twin-engine plane in May at the last of the year 2014. Many planes vanished on the board and remain of these planes found later somewhere around the Devil’s Triangle. A hurricane in 2015 just digested 160 people on the boat.
Ship In Bermuda - MMTVWas Titanic is a cause of travelling near Bermuda?

Since the movie Titanic was filmed, it was also a rumour to hear upon that Titanic was also a cause of Bermuda vanish ranges. It was not considered fine because there were no proper evidence and indication. So, a story remained alike a rumoured and fake story because it could not found any evidence. Researchers try to find out but all remain in vain.

  • What does that eye indicate in Bermuda Triangle?

Many stories were listened up but nobody knows the reality, the simple many said that the eye is a devil’s eye which indicates someone is looking at you all the time as an alien of the 3rd world. But for me, it’s a big LOL!

  • The Bottom Line is…..

There is no verified concept for the authentic cause behind the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, the mishaps carry on to take place in the area every year. And, the traditional stories of Bermuda Triangle comprises a number of the mysterious disappearance of ferries in the region, most of them remain least unaware still that what happened to them and why?

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