WhatsApp Crushing Black Dot Message


The black dot message the important message on WhatsApp that you have been receiving just like the messages of this type  “Share this message with ten people, and you will win a lottery tomorrow.” How many times have you got this text message primarily on WhatsApp? So many occasions to count reasonably. A similar message has been advancing courses on the favorite messaging app, which takes in a little different from the usual spam notes.

Black Dot Message On WhatsApp

The black dot message requires you to tap black dot, declaring that it will make your phone to hang up for a while. Not like the before talking about the message, this mostly works. There is further an alternative version of the message circling on WhatsApp. Just receiving the text can result in your phone to become unresponsive. Not only WhatsApp, but other apps can also become unusable too.

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Like other message shells, it works by hiding masses of plain signs in the message (in the black dot). The dot makes the app or even the OS itself to overwork as soon as you tap it. On the word of Android Territory, it held in check as much as over 1900 characters in spite of having just 12 words in the message. The exploit has so far been confirmed to have worked on both the iPhone and Android platforms, and that is frankly enough for it to considered mainstream.

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Black Dot Message

The black dot message is the second major one that we’ve seen this year. In February, iOS devices running version 11.2.5 were located prone to crashes if sent a text comprising a particular Telugu font. The good news is that while it is problematic, but the text bomb does not possess any long-term concerns regarding the health of your phone.

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To recover things to the usual order, you only require to stop WhatsApp and remove it from the recent apps on the phone. If that doesn’t work, you can wholly reboot your iPhone or Android, after which things will relapse to the regular. All the same justly commonplace, you should perhaps avoid sending it out of a sense of civic concern.

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