Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume Boots


Carolina Herrera Good Girl, a perfume as powerful as it is sensual. An audacious compound of dark and light elements. For the woman who adores her good side and celebrates her bad side. Carolina Herrera’s GOOD GIRL is bold, as well as powerful. In a town where everything denotes possible, GOOD GIRL sanctions women to be their entire personality. Give a girl the exact shoes, and she can overcome the world. That’s the inspiration for GOOD GIRL. It results in an exclusively designed bottle in the form of a stiletto. The splendour of Couture combined with a highly innovative savoir-faire as only the House of Herrera could accomplish.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume Boots

It’s modern, powerful as well as sensual. Perfume is an accessory. As with Couture, producing a scent is a long and thoughtful method. Its’s fragrance inspired by Carolina Herrera’s unique vision of the modern woman, audacious, sexy, gorgeous and enigmatic. Forever pushing and crossing the limits. A weapon of temptation for the woman who wears it. Reveal you are right side through the luminous aspects of Tuberose and Jasmine Sambac. Gratify your bad side through the addictive notes of roasted Tonka beans and Cocoa.

Inspired by Herrera de Baez, embodied by Karlie Kloss and immortalised by Mario Testino, GOOD GIRL is revealing the world what the power of femininity seems like, smells like, and feels the same. In this campaign, Testino pays a third dimension to the idea of duality by casting a light on the mystery of the woman and putting her true self on display. It’s not enough to turn heads jaws must drop, and squints transform into gawks. When GOOD GIRL ticks her heels, she has the city at her feet. Her occurrence has a way of shuffling over space and time. It flirts beside the unconscious, maturing a memory impossible to shake.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

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