The Declaration of Literary Committee of Pakistan Social Centre Sharjah has been Summoned up


“Literature would grow up and developed” Chaudhary Khalid Hussain.

“Striving best provides you with sweetest fruitful results” Suleman Jazib.

Guests to the Literary Committee

Suleman Jazib, Kamran Ahmed Rayyaz, Hafiz Sohail Anjum, Farah Shahid, Raja Khayam Ul Haq, Kashif Mahmood and Chaudhry Bashir Ahmed are invited to the Literary Committee.

Detail of the news:

Sharjah (Special correspondent MMTV News) Pakistan Social Center Sharjah has confirmed the list of the names of “Literary Committee” that has been announced. According to detailed resources, President of Pakistan’s Social Center Sharjah; Chaudhary Khalid Hussain, General Secretary Iftekhar Ahmed Chaudhary and the Director in Sharjah Center has announced the members of the Literary Committee of Sharjah Center. Journalist and Poet Suleman Jazib, Kamran Ahmed Rayyaz, Hafiz Sohail Anjum, Kashif Mehmood, Farah Shahid, Raja Khayam Ul Haq, and Chaudhary Bashir Ahmed Shahid will be the party member of Literary Committee of Pakistan Social Center Sharjah.

Quote by the President Chaudhary Khalid Hussain

On the occasion of the declaration of the literary committee, President Chaudhary Khalid Hussain said that it is literally an amusing part that Sub Committee of Pakistan’s Social Center is going to be completed. We are going to facilitate the Pakistan residents of UAE by adding the personalities belong to different departments of Pakistan’s. With the participation of the journalists and poets, fictionists and theoretic, and literary personalities in the literary committee would be a key success to thrive in the literature.

Quote by the Journalist and Poet Suleman Jazib

Young Journalist and Poet Suleman Jazib have taken responsibility by thanking the president Khalid Hussain and directors of the committee. He further said that;

“To thrive Literature, we are going to strive with our best and to educating Pakistan’s’ community and for acknowledgment of Literature we will arrange many literature programs to boost up its value and it would be on a priority basis to raise the rise and shine of Literature” He Further included that; “Keep in mind that soon in Sharjah centre an inaugurated event is going to organize about literary committee. And 100 books would be presented as a gift to the new library of the Sharjah Center. UAE based resident of elite and high standard educated, literary, and social personalities have shown the approbation for the dwelling the literary committee for Sharjah Center”.

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