Jazz Got Diversity and Inclusion Award For JSS from 2018 GDIC


Jazz comes into the leading digital mobile companies of Pakistan has gains the Diversity and Inclusion Award from GDIC or Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks Conference 2018. Furthermore, the award given with due respect to Telecom’s role in elevating education for females in its educational plan named as ‘Jazz Smart School’ (JSS) program. Furthermore, Syed Ali Naseer, Chief C&RA at Jazz defined this award such as a witness to Jazz’s sustainability enterprises in VEON’s ‘Make Your Mark’ program of authorizing youth over and done with technology.

Jazz Won Diversity and Inclusion Award

While talking about the JSS program, he further added, “The Jazz Smart School (JSS) program planned to upsurge student learning effects. Furthermore, the program has an ability to develop teaching approaches thru a smart learning solution. The smart learning solution will set up over a digital online unified learning platform from corner to corner 75 female public sector schools. The two-year pilot program inaugurated in October 2017; as well as, it is putting an impact on 15000+ female students in addition to, 500+ female teachers/principals.”

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Moreover, JSS program is a Justifiable enterprise in the Jazz Foundation in an alliance with Knowledge Platform (a Singapore based organization); the Federal Directorate of Education and the Capital Administration & Development Division (CA&DD). It brought into line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030; in addition, Pakistan’s Vision 2025 in the ‘Prime Minister’s Education Reform Program.’ The Jazz Foundation exemplifies Jazz’s core ethics in confirming all sustainability enterprises are a practical presentation of ‘innovation, honesty, association, client obsession and private enterprise.’

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This helpful program for the female students as well as teachers is beneficial and will increase the education level of the country as well. These types of plans and schemes should be constructed and implement time to time to help more people.

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