Dubai Museum Facts and Information


A place to recall ancient era think of ancient kings, battles, ancient kingdom rules and leaves you in an imaginary atmosphere that doesn’t exist at present. Informative as well as a lot of interesting facts about Dubai Museum closed to most of the people. Furthermore, Dubai Museum also gets grace to be the oldest structure which exists, of Dubai. The chief historical museum graphs Dubai’s turbo-evolution as of fishing and pearling village to the global center of commerce, economics, plus tourism. Moreover, it has an meteorological perspective in the dense Al Fahidi Fort, built around 1800. A walk-through mock souq exhibits on Bedouin life in the desert and a room highlighting the importance of the sea clarify the days earlier the detection of oil. The last room displays archaeological discoveries from neighboring excavation places.

Dubai Museum Al Fahidi Fort Information

Heartened by three towers, Al Fahidi Fort assisted such as the house of the local rulers up to 1896; additionally, experience spells as a prison and a barracks in the past. After turns out to be a museum in 1971. A strong teak door garlanded with brass spikes proffers a door to the courtyard dotted among bronze cannons, conventional boats and an areesha (a palm-frond hut that was the type of summer house maximum local people lived in continuously the midst of the 20th century). Flanking the courtyard are rooms amidst the simple display of instruments including weapons.

Dubai Museum Al Fahidi Fort Dubai, Information

The central exhibition of Dubai Museum underground and arrived through a spiraling ramp. A video also a timeline practices archival prints and footage to demonstrate simply how far Dubai has developed since the 1960s. Of hither, join the deck of a dhow to invade a counterfeit souq with life-size dioramas representing shopkeepers and craftspeople in a profession, improved by light and sound outcomes plus grainy documentary movies. Different exhibits depict life in the desert and on the sea. The latter holds a little but charming pearl-diving presentation where you can wonder at the point that miscellaneous put on merely nose clips in addition leather gloves though descendent to unusual depths.

Dubai Museum Al Fahidi Fort Dubai, Information

It is one, and many other things in Dubai Museum are present there to inspire you. Moreover, there are a lot of other places in Dubai to make you stun like Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Mosque and a lot of others.

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