Step by Step Contouring Makeup for Beginners


Contouring is famous for makeup tips and tricks as it is so helpful to make face look, slimmer. Besides, if you have a wide nose, you can also make the look of your nose slimmer with it. The easiest way in detail is today opening up, to make the process easier. First of all, you need to get things that are necessary then step by step contouring methods have written below.

Step by Step Contouring Guide

You will need the following items:

  • Liquid foundation (skin tone matching)
  • Liquid concealer (lighter shade than skin)
  • Concealer, foundation, or powder (a bit darker than skin tone)
  • Powder brush
  • Blush
  • Foundation brush
  • Concealer brush

How to contouring face

The tutorial performed is fundamental contouring procedure. Below mention are the easy steps to do contouring. The more time you have to try out different methods the comfortable, it will become. Moreover, in a short time, you will do it as a professional.

Simple Ways To Enrich Your Natural Beauty Without Makeup

  • First of all, you need to clean up your face using face wash then moisturize it.
  • Apply foundation thoroughly to your skin the color will be the best matching to your skin tone and blend well.
  • Now you need a lighter shade concealer. Apply it to your T Zone area using a foundation brush.

What is the T-Zone? It is right above eyebrows in addition to the spot in the middle of them, to the down, the center of the nose. Furthermore, the spot between upper lip, and the middle of the chin.

  • Apply this lighter concealer under eyes; it will go best to hide dark circles under eyes.
  • Apply it above your cheekbone and above jawline as well.
  • Now, you require taking a brush for blending well. You can also use a sponge.

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