eBay New Look To Facilitate Shoppers More Than Before


No need to find out from the hundreds of the individual listings, instead, with eBay new look you can easily find out the group listings on the new product page of the same items. Furthermore, an algorithm picks out which sellers automatically catch sales. Further eBay’s vice president elaborate about customer experience and their needs, Mohan Patt said:

Most of the shoppers are comes to complete their mission of shopping for a reason to set in their mind; what they are going to buy. Despite the fact, many shoppers know the correct titles of what they want to buy. In the 20 years of our services, it goes superbly that we are accomplishing to a billion items without having very much product detection.

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To start with picking product lines designed by manufactured Apple, Google, Nest, Dyson, Jawbone, and Roku; at present eBay now show a list of the top items from same items made by same company. For instance, if you search for iPhone X, you will get a full list of all relevant products. On the other hand, at the top of the list, you will get a listing labeled as eBay’s ‘Our Pick.’

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eBay New Look & Features

On the top of the list after search you will get a black iPhone X; besides, you will also get a button of ‘buy it now.’ Moreover, you will get seller’s info below the first buy button. In addition, five more boxes to buy the same product will come in front, in eBay new look. Revenues of eBay grow by 12% to 2.6 million; as compared to the last year this time.

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‘The customer comes to get the best deal as well as the best price & quality on eBay. For instance, if you want to get the best price you need not worry about it to have lowest prices on eBay. Furthermore, eBay site algorithm, due to best price, customer reviews, shipping methods, return policy and inventory, gets the best seller for every buy box. Any seller can get those boxes from their performances. Mohan Patt said.

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