Electricity Consumers to Get a Bill Refund in March


NEPRA commanded EX_WAPDA power distribution companies to pay Rs 3.242 per unit to users that overcharged in their bills. Consumers will get relief that National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has allowed a refund on electricity charges for January. The directives assigned to the delivery organizations state that Rs 3.242 each unit should be returned to users as it overcharged in January. Payments issued when electricity generated is lower than the tariff for that month.

NEPRA Ordered A Refund To Electricity Consumers Next Month

The distribution companies gathered Rs 34 billion for one month due to overcharging the consumers. The Central Power Purchase Agency (CPPA) demanded a public discussion after which Chairman NEPRA Tariq Sadozi announced for the refund.

The government has supported the electricity for household and agriculture users, so users from certain sectors, who consume less than 300 units – will not receive any refund. Karachi Electricity customers are likewise not eligible for this. The EX-WAPDA distribution companies calculated the refund to be Rs 2.98 per unit. According to them, the production cost per unit to January was Rs 6.90 plus customers priced Rs 9.87. Nevertheless, according to NEPRA, the refund amount summed to Rs 3.242 per unit.

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As said by experts, beyond Rs 34 billion, only half will refund, and the rest will save. It is due to a government policy that allows distributions companies to bill the consumers beforehand. Whether or not the companies overcharge, just half of the overpriced amount returned, in this case, it will be Rs 17 billion.

Production Expenses

Currently, electricity made consuming the subsequent energy sources; 7.6% of over-all electricity making derives from hydropower projects, and this is likewise the cheapest basis of electricity. 3.1% originates thru wind and solar power plants. 20.4% of electricity generated thru furnace oil-based power plants. One unit of electricity through this procedure costs Rs 10.42.

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Coal-based power developments give 14.3% of electricity. In like manner, each unit on coal production costs Rs 5.2. 21% of electricity originates imported Regasified Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) that cut a large rise in production value per unit as well. One unit of RLNG made electricity costs Rs 9.25 as resembled the Rs 6.33 per unit value in December 2017. 0.5% of electricity carried from Iran at the amount of Rs 11.05 per unit.

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