EU Ended European Law Leads To Imprisonment Of Basic Human Rights


The European copyright directive law on digital networks like YouTube, and Facebook to improve their safety on the creative content; to have paid licenses earlier to link people’s creative content (articles, videos, etc.), which would deeply deadlock what info acquires to people. Critics on the above mention law said: it will entirely damage the internet freedom. The legislation was rejected via voting to have 318 against the law and 278 in favor.

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Apple and Samsung Case Finish On Smartphone Patent

New Copyright Directive Law

Furthermore, the draft law which is titled as Copyright Directive is an update in internet copyright law. However, it takes in a couple of considerable criticism for attachment of two main necessities; #11 and #13 articles.

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Article 11 – Link Tax:

In this article a demand to pay news organizations from online platforms like Google and Facebook earlier to link up to stories.

Article 13 – Upload Filter:

The second in this way is to create an upload filter that will check all of the content that is uploaded online for copyright infringement.

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This rejection of the copyright directive law will provide a sigh of relief to all tech giants like Google and Facebook; for the reason that they will acquire serious charges to follow the law. On the other hand, this law will adversely affect the individual users, to some campaigners who will claim via upload filter that will end up the sharing of memes, as it takes in copyright material every so often.

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Mozilla responses to this decision in these words:

Today the great news proves to be a citizen listening parliament of Europe. The parliament today provide ease to the citizens who were in danger to be imprisoned through the new law.

Wikimedia express views concerning copyright directive law:

“The law takes in elements that will limit the free expression. In addition, it was going to be destructive for assortment and teamwork online. Furthermore, this proposal was not a truly modernizing copyright rather it appears to be a threat to online freedom. Besides, it will create obstacles via new filters, restrictions, and barriers.”

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