Evaluation of European Traffic Rules System in KPK


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Police have come to light thru a new-fangled advantage that makes people keep talking about witnessing traffic rules earnestly. Here is a new license establishment system is introducing in KPK that keep an eye on European traffic rules. In line with the new European traffic rules, every license will bring 100 points; by way of each violation withholding ten marks. Just place, an overall ten traffic challans will come to be your driving license withdrawn. At the outset, the European traffic rules system is opening out in Mansehra district.

European Traffic Rules System For Driving License in KPK

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This initiative to copy the European traffic system targets to pledge the growing traffic abuses in the Mansehra district on top. In order to desire public to obey the traffic rules and give on the way to the complete welfare of the society. As a result, you can take back your license in just one way, by participating in any of public social responsibility scheme that consists of one of the below mention categories:

  • Serving school kids for ten days to cross the roads although functioning by traffic police staff throughout off-timings of schools
  • Cleaning the city while working with Town Municipal Administration (TMA) for ten days
  • Working with Forestation department for ten days
  • Planting ten trees

By following the above mentioned acts, you can get back your license that had been withdrawn after ten challans. The District Police Officer (DPO) of Mansehra, named Syed Shahzad Nadeem, while telling off the media with regard to the straightforward purpose of the inventiveness, declared that the phase purposes at creating the society further accountable in consort with increasing alertness concerning traffic and traffic rules in the midst of the civil society.

European Traffic Rules System in KPK

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