Exclusive Interview of Dalelah Saeed , Imran and Bilal Afzal by Suleman Jazib


Interviewed By Suleman Jazib

Dalelah Saeed ,

Moroccan born famous Tik toker . She is based in Dubai and have crazy following . Dalelah is known for her fantastic Urdu and Hindi launguage Tik toker . It’s hard to have good command over such language when you are from different country . Dalelah is self made and independent women who believes to bring difference in society with her right messages and content through Tik Tok and upcoming projects .


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Bilal Afzal:-

Bilal Afzal famously known as a brown vines . X banker, Model, rapper , style icon and known for his wit . Bilal is influencer and Tik toker who also trust that now a days through social media platforms lot of productive work can be done . Belal believes that if you have advantage of being viral through your resources or platforms such as many social media handles than it should be for good causes and good content. Bilal and Dalelah both said if someone wants to take help or support to become famous Tik tokers they are ready to help and support in their best capacity possible .

Imran :-

Imran known as choclate boy and team ember of brown vines . Imran is known for his amazing sense of humor and comic timings . Imran is graduate in marketing and finance and have great control on his audience . He is leading team along with belal Afzal from brown vines.

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