Facebook To Charge Group Subscription Fees Monthly


Facebook is adding a charge for you from group administrators from $4.99 to $29.99 monthly. The costs will be applied in specific groups to get an exclusive membership. In the first line, there will be groups related to cooking, home cleaning and parenting to complete an early test. The way it is now, free groups will persist together. However, they will get the option to launch premium subgroups. For example, Max is working on Cooking Passion (group name), now he can organize cooking passion for costing $14.49. Facebook group subscription fees will go in favor of group admins in a way.

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On the other hand, if you look into past, you will see that all groups were free of cost so what the reason behind making its availability on value is? Indeed, they will raise their exclusivity as well as it will make the group more special. Then again there will be a chance of fewer members.

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Facebook Latest Group Subscription Fee Feature

Facebook change the setup in view of the efforts that have been made by group admins as well as the time they spend to manage and improve the group to grow their communities. So they have a right to earn money from it. Furthermore, Facebook also makes it clear that this new feature will go in favor of group admins who spend their time and devotion to develop communities. In like manner, the group admins will get a chance to create and style more effective and elevated type of content for their group. As a result, more videos, posts, and events.

vFacebook Group Subscription Fees To Charge Monthly

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In the interim these Facebook group fees feature still a tryout on mobile, in addition, Facebook is not receiving a cut of the group dues. To run with the policies of Play Store and App Store, Google and Apple will get a %age of subscription fees from users via Android and iOS.

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