How Far should Parents go with Protecting their Children Online?


Introduction to Parental Care

Any parents’ first obligatory duty is to bring their kids up with the finest ethical and moral values. Nobody will ask you, ‘what is the way by which you are bringing your kids up unless or until they judged them with the behavior they are showing. It is said that a mother is a complete university for her kids if she takes good care of kid’s learning stage. Hence, learning age lies between 3 to 11 years old so mothers are so closest to their children for 24/7 that’s why they analyze kids’ every movement. They ask them FAQs (frequently asked questions) about their daily routine with what? When? Where? Why? How? Who? Even though they are the second name to interrogation for children. LOL!

Why there is a need to keep an eye on Children while internet surfing?

No doubt, the internet has been introduced with limitless benefits to keep you and your children updated. Today we can do everything with the help of internet tutorials or other material. It has influenced everyone’s life not only children but parents also. As everything has pros and cons, similarly internet does the same. Thus parents should have to be more active and sharp than kids.

keeping your child safe on the internet

Pros and Cons of the Internet Surfing


  • Save cost

It has lessened the cost by allowing electronic devices to communicate with each other.

  • Rapid Information

The Internet provides rapid information within seconds of eye blinking.

  • Communication

In the past, letters were sent to convey messages but now the internet has blessed us with the convenience of sending a message at a distance of pressing “ENTER” button.

keeping your child safe on the internet


  • Excessively depending on Technology

We are sitting idly by depending on the excessive use of technology. It has made the world a global village by killing the importance of family get together.

  • No Secure Privacy

On every social media, like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram the option status has paused in the privacy from life.

  • Pornographic and Violent Material

Nobody knows what is running in a small android or IOS in your children’s phones. So, adultery is common due to bad use of the internet. The Internet has ruined our children’s innocence.

Pornographic and Violent Material

  • Hacking, Viruses and Cheating

Another Cons to the internet is hacking. It is so sensitive issue that hacking, viruses and cheatings are so common causes to misuse internet.

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Ways to have a Check and Balance on Children

Following are the best reliable ways you can keep an eye on your kids.

  1. Ask a lot of questions; when you see them using the phone you have to ask a lot of questions what are you doing? Or tell me, I can handle or not.
  2. Say them to teach you, how to operate the internet? Pretend them that you don’t know how to use the technology. Say them you are a very genius so you can teach me best. By this way, you will come to know what your kid is doing.
  3. You can hide any monitoring app before giving them a device to use whether if it is an iPad, iPhone, tablet or laptop.
  4. Don’t hide any information in which they feel curiosity to know because it is better for you to answer their questions rather than anybody else answers them in their way. Because today everything has become advance in case of adultery so many questions arise in an innocent mind must be answered securely.

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