FBR banned Shell For Tax Evasion in Pakistan


FBR put off the registration of Shell Pakistan for considerable tax evasion of about Rs 3 billion. After the elimination of registration, Shell Pakistan cannot corporate in the country. However, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has restored sales tax registration of Shell Pakistan after the court hand out a stay order. The company moves toward the Sindh High Court to get a break. The court approved a stay order in bigger public interest plus fixed the hearing for April 30, 2018 for the FBR banned Shell for tax evasion in Pakistan.

FBR banned Shell For Tax Evasion in Pakistan

Shell had concealed the substantial sum of trade of its produces and paid negligible tax. Asma Aftab said that during the scrutiny of sales tax returns available at E-Portal of FBR, for the periods from December 2016 to Feb 2018, it was discovered that Shell Pakistan had concealed the stock of lubricating oil in Annexure J of Sales Tax and Federal Excise Returns.

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During the duration as mentioned above, Shell Pakistan made Subdued Sales of Rs 7.684 billion. In this state, the rule sales tax is Rs.1.46 billion. Furthermore, FBR required a default overcharge of Rs. 142.503 million including a fine Rs. 73.003 million on the value of 5 percent. According to FBR, Shell Pakistan was committing tax fraud for the past three years. So FBR banned Shell for tax evasion due to this crime.

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FBR banned Shell For Tax Evasion in Pakistan

The notification more declared: It is remarkable that the Registered Person continued the fraudulent method till previous Return recorded for March 2018. In order to secure the Government Revenue, this office quickly commands for stopping of Sales Tax Certification of Shell Pakistan Limited under Section 21(2) of Sales Tax Act 1990. View by Rule 12 (a) (i) of Sales Tax Rules 2006 view by SRO SSS (1)/2006 recorded 05-06-2006. Shell Pakistan was reached to comment on the story. However, the superintendence has declined to give a public comment on this rise. The company had earlier explained that the appropriate cost of tax had been given in whole. Consequently, there was neither shortfall in the payment of tax.

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