How to be Fit in Your Old Dresses; If You are Getting Fat Enough?


The main problem arises when you stop thinking about your health. In any case, if you are healthy, hygienic or too much conscious about your health you have to be very careful about those daily concerns of your health. How’s that possible? This all is possible when you take proper take-ins at a proper and reasonable time. Eating all the time does not make you fit in dresses and healthy body-wise. It takes the proper schedule and managed-time food to be fit apart from being fat and how to be fit in your clothes.


Most probably fatness issues are faced by girls after marriage when they think they are becoming fat due to laziness in working and household related work. How to kill fats? How to lessen worries about to be fit in old Saree, choli, and many more dresses at the time of your wedding? It not only seems bad to get belly fats, but it is also a warehouse of many internal issues such as diabetes, heart diseases and more. Belly fats actually lie between the stomach and intestines in your body.

Following are some important facts and figures collected from the most popular data that remain useful when applied or implemented.

Proper Regular Diet; avoid irregular food

You have to avoid eating all the time greasy foods like potato, oily rolls and paratha kind of food. If you really want to be fit in your old clothes then you have to be cautious about your intakes. Following Chart must be followed.

Proper Regular Diet; avoid irregular food

  • Must take 4 glass of water with an emptied
  • Have proper exercise before getting intakes.
  • Don’t fill your stomach with loads of foods just have a light snack till 8 am. Then at 10 to 11 am go with what your desire to fill your belly.
  • At 2 pm, better to eat greens like lettuce, cabbage or carrot kind of fresh vegs.
  • At 4 pm, have your lunch with light foods.
  • At 6 in the evening go with a cup of tea without sugar.
  • Add a light, meal in your dinner and finally have a walk of 5 to 10 minutes before going into your bed for digest whatever you have an intake.

You will see the change in your belly size. It will hopefully be lessened in inches within a few days’ efforts.

Drink Plenty of Water

You need to drink 8 to 10 glass of water. Drink more and excrete more than your drink is better not only for the excretory system but washes your body wastes and clean your body and blood as well. In this way, you may relax your stomach to work efficiently.

Drink Plenty of Water

Exercises for a flat tummy

Following are some easy exercise for your flat tummy.

  • Plank

Do – 60 secs – Go down to the floor in the press up position? Put all your body weight on the forearms by bending your elbows. Now have pushups and push down for 60 secs on daily basis. Practice makes a man perfect, you will see the result with a month if you will not break the rhythm of doing exercise on daily basis.

  • Crunches and cross-crunches

Do – 30 secs. Lay down on the floor over a mat, hold your legs with your arms by keeping your back straight then bend and stretch your body many times it is called crunches when you do the same but just by altering a little position like your left knee with your right shoulder and vice versa. It is known as cross crunch.

  • Sit-ups

Do – 15 times. You have to do sit-ups to be more fit two times a day but 15 times in a single attempt. You will see the result.

Say good-bye to your stress

All in one out, you have to say goodbye to all your worries and stress. Then you will feel like you are in heaven. By following the above instruction just for a single week. You will feel what you got and what you have lost? Stay tuned with MMTV for more info related your health, entertainment or beauty world.

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