Now Folk Art Seems To Have Lost Its Charm – Mohan Swaroop Bhatia


It is all about the artists those who were busy in their songs for political parties and seeks votes for their parties. Now, these one are in wait of their party’s call. When the election campaigns start, the folk artists has severely hit since Bollywood voices roped in for these campaigns. Because of monetization and some other factors, the business is insufficient for the artists.

Now Folk Art Seems To Have Lost Its Charm – Mohan Swaroop Bhatia

Mohan Swaroop Bhatia of Mathura who has been a necessary part of various election campaigns over the years in Uttar Pradesh. He said, “I recollect the times when we worked to be an essential element of the poll campaigns. Artists would move out by their set ups on bullock carts including village after village and sing their organisations for several political parties. But that is a matter of past now. Now Folk art seems to have lost its charm amid political parties.”

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Another singer who is deeply involved with political parties to compose songs for them stated. Now the parties are ready to spend money on great Bollywood singer. And getting songs by them, so why they would need to come to us?
The artists are in moan because even in rural areas this party campaigning becomes digital. Moreover, it becomes good for both the parties and voters.

‘The political parties are using Facebook, and Whatsapp to promote their audios and videos. Now the youngsters have their party songs of Bollywood artists on their mobile phones. Those are the tracks which play on the time of campaigning, that’s why our performances affected.’ A famous folk artist, Vandana Mishra stated. “Maximum campaigning material, be it songs, the cultural team is producing singles or slogans in Delhi. It is the similar material that applied here,” said an office bearer of Bharatiya Janata Party.

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