The Gandhi’s Murder – An Untold truth with hidden facts behind curtains



The Gandhi Murder is a scheme theorized era movie based on true events that managed to the final killing of Mahatma Gandhi. The movie reveals a violent India, at the milieu of a non-forceful Gandhi, and hard-line passionate mind-sets foundation to grow roots into India separated on the origin of religion.

A Cast of the MOVIE played The Role

Following is the best role’s list played by the cast below.

  1. Stephen Lang – Sunil Riana, ‘Senior Intelligence Officer’.
  2. Luke Pasqualino – Jimmy Batliwala, ‘DCP belongs to Bombay Police.
  3. Om Puri – T. G – The First Director of Intelligence Agency of India.
  4. Vinnie Jones – Sir Norman Smith – ‘The Final Director of Intelligence Bureau’.
  5. Jesus sans – Gandhi.
  6. Alessa Novelli – Emily Sister of Sir Norman Smith & Jimmy’s love interest (a small side love story).
  7. Gregory Schwabe – Lord Mountbatten – ‘Last Viceroy of British India’.
  8. Rajit Kapoor – Nehru, ‘First Prime Minister of Independent India’.
  9. Bobbie Phillips – As Elizabeth, ‘Assistant to Sir Percy Sillitoe and Riana’s Love interest)
  10. Govind Namde – Morarji Desai (side role).
  11. Gauahar Khan – just as the appearance in outdated ‘Mujra’.

A Story of the Movie

The story of Gandhi’s assassination is centered on the facts who, why and when the conspiracy of his mother was plotted. Who was a murderer? Why he killed him? What were the misunderstandings due to the reasons he killed him? The director of the movie named, “Karim Traidia” experienced with enormous opposition because of this movie he made. Stephen Lang and Luke Pasqualino performance show two real-life Indian police officer characters based out of publicly penetrating Poona (Now Pune) and Bombay (Now Mumbai), who, challenged with additional cleverness that Mahatma Gandhi’s life is in forthcoming danger, must take key verdicts. Om Puri played the genuine life role of ‘Director of Intelligence Bureau’. Armed with intelligence that Gandhi might be shot, he will do everything in his authority to stopover the shameful act.

Purpose of making this movie “Gandhi” as a lead role:

The purpose of making this movie is to give a standing ovation to the effort of Gandhi for getting the independent country for the freedom of Indians. But what the state has given to this keen and pure person nothing else than assassination kind of death. His real murderer named as “Nathuram Godse”. The political leadership is trapped between Gandhi’s rejection to private safety (Gandhi has termed it an evil he would not submit to) and certain proof that points to a strategic ‘forceful deed of terrorism’ in the offing. But in a country gone crazy, Gandhi’s murder might be the solution to many in the passages of power.

Is this movie earned a business or earned rotten tomatoes

The Movie did not release in other parts of the world but in the United Arab Emirates. The movie did not earn lot fame but accordingly, in UAE, it has reviewed as 8 out of 10 in the mark list on the script of the movie and the cast’s performance. MMTV has taken an interview with the Director of the movie, that gives the positive vibes for the passion of making this movie and his spirit shows that he is going to make the similar movies in future on such legends for the awareness of the new generation.

Now MMTV’s media team provides director’s point of view, trailer and audience reviews about the movie “The Gandhi’s Murder” at a single place.


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