Google Ad Rebranding & Latest Advertising Developments


‘Google AdWords is going to switch off in the name of Google Ads’ the senior vice president of Google ad efforts said in a press event. The company was on its way to change from three years, and finally, it has been done. Google rebrands its AdWords and DoubleClick services.

Google Rebrands Its Ads Services

It’s just a name change. However, it is revealing the direction to go for the product for past several years. Ramaswamy said. He also said the rebrand points to “where we want the product to go.” There have been triple brands of Google’s ad products.

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  • The first brand Google Adwords will transform into Google Ads. Moreover, it will turn out to be a front door to all advertisers to get an opportunity of buying from all google surfaces. It will add up YouTube videos, display ads, app ads which shows in Google play; besides location listings via google maps and more.

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The second thing is “Smart Campaigns” that will come to be a default mode of advertisers. It permits advertisers to classify the activities that they are placing in order. Besides, to optimize the images, text, Google Ads will use machine learning, besides it will aim to drive additional activities.

Google Rebrands Its Ad Services, Kill AdWords & DoubleClick

  • The second brand is Google Marketing Platform that gets DoubleClick Digital Marketing; Google Analytics 360. Furthermore, Google is going to introduce a product “Display & Video 360” that will syndicate features from Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Studio and Audience Center. Dan Tylor, the managing director of Platform, said that this platform is a step forward in the growing need of collaboration.

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  • Google Ad Manager comes to the third brand. It is a platform that associates for publishers Google’s monetization tools; named as DoubleClick and DoubleClick Ad Exchange for Publishers. In this way, publisher platforms’ director of product management, Jonathan Bellack, said that three years are running task of merging a couple of products as programmatic ad-buying grow into used through further types of advertising.

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Google ad rebrand will kick off in July. Furthermore, Ramaswamy and Taylor emphasize no product exodus or training will be needed after google rebrands AdWords. Appearance and feel will change a bit the base functionality is not varying,” Taylor said.

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