Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne in Winter?


Face skin is the most sensitive part to take care for. Especially when it is winter and you are skin becomes stretchy and itchy due to dryness. You want to get rid of this itchiness and need to make your skin glowing and sparkling as it remains in summer. So, there is nothing to worry about. All you need to get info about your skin, first of all, you must need to know. Do you have oily skin featured or dry skin? The remedies will be suggested according to the type of skin.

How to recognize? If my skin type; oily or dry?

Many people remain in tension especially girls are very conscious about their skin they never compromise for beauty so they remain in worry if a pimple occurs on their face. So, they treat it as the matter of life and death. Care is a good thing to do for a happy and healthy life. So, sharing is caring. That’s why I am lessening your worry. Come to the point, how to recognize a skin type; if your skin is tight then your skin is keenly dry. If there is a prominent shine on your nose and forehead even you did not apply any cream or lotion it would be considered a normal skin. If there is noticeable shine on your cheeks more than your forehead and nose, you mostly are owning an oily skin.

Why acne occur in case of oily skin in winter?

With sleek skin and skin break out, you’re most likely not generally like your skin. In any case, oily skin isn’t all awful. One reward: your slick skin is less inclined to wrinkling than dry skin types. In any case, oily skin, and the skin inflammation breakouts that frequently complement it can be disappointing. With the correct consideration, you can tame oily sparkle, enhance skin break out, and figure out how to grasp your skin type.

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Why acne appear if you own dry skin?

A straightforward method to hold dry skin within proper limits is to wash down your face consistently. Wash your face two times every day, both morning and night. Utilize a frothing cleanser or facial chemical over cream-based or salve chemicals. Frothing chemicals complete a greatly improved activity purging without end overabundance oil and leave your skin feeling new and clean. Use of rosewater with honey can keep your face looks more fresh and new.
Dry Skin - MMTVVarious treatments of Acne in Both cases (Home Remedies)

There are various treatments for oily and dry skin type to prevent your skin from acne in winter. You no need to get tablets or creams. The best remedy ever is nowhere found. It only requires your time to get rid of acne for doing this homemade facial.

Following three things are the main essentials of your acne prevention treatment.

  • Ingredients


Gram Flour (Besan)

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  • Method
  • Take a tablespoon gram flour, add a lemon juice in it and add 2 spoons of yogurt or milk. Mix it well. Apply this fresh smelled mask on your face for 20 minutes. Keep this mixture thick and let it dry on your face. When it is completely done. Rinse it off after rubbing five minutes with rose water. Do this twice a week. You will see a natural glow on your face with unbelievable wow.

Point to remember

  • Winter Acne Treatment: For oily skin type use yogurt.
  • Winter Acne Treatment: For dry skin type use milk

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