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Cracked heels are the common human issues meant to occur when underneath foot skin got crackled and small breaking lines. A survey found that this happens 33% in the adults and children seems to affect women more than that of men.

Many people did not take this issue so seriously while many of them feel discomfort when going barefoot so in such case it may be very deep that will cause to severe sore to feet.

Read on to know about the best home remedies for the possible treatments and preventions for cracked heels. How to fix cracked heels permanently?

Home treatments for cracked heels

  1. Heel ointments or thick night cream

Home Remedies Crack Heels

The first line to examine for treating your cracked heels is applying a heel balm. These balms are the mix of moisturizing, soften and rub your skin through scrub to remove dead skin. Following are the ingredients used to exfoliate your foot itchy skin.

  • Urea
  • Salicylic acid
  • Alpha-hydroxy acids
  • Saccharide

You can discover these heel ointments from trusted pharmacy.

Tips for curing split heels

  • Rub on heel balm or soften lotion in the morning to increase the softness of your skin elasticity to start a long day ahead.
  • Nourish your heel two to three times a day with well-known ointments to smoothen your heels.
  • Wear those shoes that are comfy for your feet.
  • Some heel balms may reason to slight hurtful or annoyance. It will be ok if it’s normal, but it will be a kind of worry thing if it is continuously bothering you that may cause a severe reaction. Severe belongings of cracked heels may need a remedy-forte balm or steroid cream to aid decrease irritation and release burning.

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  1. Steep and exfoliate your feet

The skin around cracked heels are habitually bushier and gasping than the rest of your skin. This skin inclines to fragmented when you apply pressure. Soaking and moisturizing your feet can benefit you to heel your feet soon. Following are best home remedies for cracked heels.

For a foot soak:

  • Keep your feet in lukewarm water added with salt, hair shampoo and hydrogen peroxide in the water to soak your feet in for 20 minutes. It will give the best reliever to your feet. Revise the process twice a week.
  • Use a sponge, foot scrubber, or pumice shingle to eliminate any hard, dull and rough skin.
  • Then gently pat over a towel to dry your feet.
  • Apply a heel balm or thick soften ointment to the distressed area.
  • Need to apply petroleum jelly as your cracked heels treatment overnight to lock the softness and wear socks then early morning wash your feet with lukewarm water.
  • Evade scrubbing your feet when they’re becoming dry especially in dry winter. This raises your peril for dry and dead skin you want to focus onto a cure for cracked heels
  1. Honey

Honey is the best natural cracked heel remedy. According to a 2012 review, honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial characteristics that may a best natural remedy to cure your feet. Research has summed it up that honey has been a proven cure for the cracked heels cures. You must apply honey overnight on to your cracked feet and then see results within a week.

  1. Coconut oil

Treatment of Crack Heals


Coconut oil is often recommended for dry skin as a cure to nourish your skin with moisturizing ability. It can aid your skin to retain moisture as the best treatment for a solution for cracked heels. Using coconut oil after a foot immerses could be an upright selection, too. Coconut oil’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial characteristics may your cracked heels if they’re prone to bleeding or infections.

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