Celebrate Independence Day Sale with Daraz And HBL


Hurry all!! Here are the best offers for everyone to feel more liberty on the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan. Daraz Pk in collaboration with HBL going to provide you with the best Independence Day sale. The Day which comes after efforts of numberless people after giving their lives to get this precious independence on the 14th of August 1947, under the leadership of Quaid E Azam. Our beloved country is on its way to growth and prosperity.

HBL and Daraz are serving Pakistan However, HBL plays an influential role in the economic progress of the country for a long time. HBL is making true the dreams of people as well as enriching their lives. Daraz is a provider of e-commerce services into the Pakistan. On 70th Independence Day of Pakistan HBL and Daraz are making an effort to spread as many pleasures as both can for the Pakistani Customers.

Independence Day Sale

Dazaz and HBL’s Independence Day Sale

Daraz Managing Director, Zain Suharwardy, define it like this: “As an innovative, e-commerce company. We can’t stay sticky on what we have, rather it is our question what can be?’ ‘What can be?’ Daraz questioned itself at the outset of pioneer e-commerce in Pakistan. In like manner, our fans in millions answered in harmony: A great deal can be, if one is irrepressible as well as determined enough to will it into being. Furthermore, The HBL Independence Day ShopFest will come out for these fans, spread as they are from corner to corner of Pakistan.’’

Independence Day Sale

Independence Day makes available a couple of opportunities, from which one is to value the traditions of the past. In the second place, it will make you brace for the innovations in future. Over and Above, the Independence Day sale will bring discounts up to 70%, in order to celebrate 70 years of Pakistan’s independence. Surplus discounts will be accessible to all HBL credit in addition to debit cardholders. The Independence Day Sale by HBL and Daraz is great and make you easy to purchase things.

Independence Day Sale

“Independence Day Sale is starting from midnight of 13th of August, a celebration of independence awaits. Get ready your wish lists, download the Daraz app! It’s time to relight the flame. ‘A progressive Pakistan is not an imaginary place now: we’ll see you there,” stated Team Daraz.

Independence Day Sale

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