International Cricket Comes Back in Karachi


Karachi is celebrating international cricket that has been back with a thrilling and exciting win in T20 series against West Indies. There was a massive crowd as all of Pakistan gathered there and were so much excited. In the past, International cricket stopped in Pakistan due to terrorism issues; so, with Pakistan Super League 2017 Final in Pakistan played in the country becomes the revival of international cricket back in Pakistan. At present, many of the series held in Pakistan to sometimes in Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore; and some other time in National stadium Karachi, and the residents are so much excited to watch and enjoy.

International Cricket Back in Pakistan

In the last night, the first match among-st Pakistan and West Indies played in Karachi. The game won by Pakistan team as easily as they make efforts and not provide a chance to another team to win. This series also scheduled to play in Lahore; but just after watching the excitement and delight in the Karachiites PCB shifted the series to Karachi.

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In the first match, there shown so much excitement as in the start; when National Anthem played they read aloud as much as the sounds switch offed and remaining anthem read I the voices of the crowd. International cricket back in Karachi and it has welcomed with an open heart and great excitement.

International Cricket Back in Karachi

International Cricket Back in Karachi

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