UAE Embassy To Help Islamabad Lady Fruit Seller

Yasmeen The Fruit Lady From Islamabad


Yasmeen is the name of a woman sells fruits in the streets of Islamabad in her borrowed cart. Several days before her photos circled social media anywhere she was noticed strolling streets of Sector F-11 trying to market fruit. Her business gains her the title of Fruit Lady in the midst of the everyday people of Islamabad. At present, the UAE Embassy sure to stay her voice on a more significant platform.

Who is Yasmeen The Fruit Lady?

Yasmee, the ‘Fruit Lady’ is a widow besides the single breadwinner of her family. The woman backs her four children through vending fruits for the duration of the daytime. She and her family, at present, existing in Golra Sharif zone of Islamabad. Yasmeen decided to be someone her children would get improved too as a paradigm. Accordingly, as opposed to begging on the streets, she decided to make her living in a more well-thought-of technique.

Fruit Lady

The Fruit Lady leased a fruit cart and determined to sell fruits in the F-11 sector of Islamabad. She goes to the fruit market and buys fruits and then sells them in the streets of Islamabad. For the duration of a routine day of her business, big shot acquired a photograph of her selling fruits and shared it on Facebook. Various people got beyond her story taking in UAE diplomat Jalal Sherazi.

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Meanwhile, Sherazi noticed the posts at social media; he selected to attend the stall of Fruit Lady himself. Furthermore, he makes prominent Yasmeen’s hard work which was later chosen by UAE Embassy in Pakistan. The Emirates Embassy decided to practice their platform to communicate Yasmeen’s story moreover her efforts. Here is how they tweeted regarding Yasmeen.

Fruit Lady

HE @ALZAABI82, Responds over a tweet posted by @jalalsherazi, visits and helps the Pakistani woman Yasmin, who struggles and helps four school going children as her husband died, the lady vend fruits and tries to feed her family. Yasmeen’s story of never relinquish assailant to display that somewhere there’s a will, there indeed is a way. It also reveals how some Pakistani women resist all stereotypes and build a title for themselves by hard work as well as devotion.

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