Islamabad International Airport Going to Inaugurate on 20th April 2018


The most awaited Islamabad International Airport plan that planned to manufacture in Islamabad, delayed for a long time and on the way to its completion. But at present, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) make it clear that the Islamabad International Airport will initiate on 20th April 2018. The notorious project known for its regular inauguration delays, slow construction and sheer lack of ability of the parties tangled.

Inauguration Date of Islamabad International Airport Set to 20th April, 2018

The Islamabad International Airport project has before now had quite a few costs invades on top of the postponements and not to indicate the strategy faults. It is most likely to one of the whole over-budget schemes of the recent times. The first planned budget on behalf of the airport was about Rs 37 billion. Conversely, the obliviousness of governments and constant building intervals directed the price to cross Rs 100 billion.

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The manufacture of the plan started back in 2007 through a financial program of Rs 37 billion. In the start, it scheduled that it will be finished in 2010. The finishing point was not yet near at the time. Years later it publicized that the airport will be operational about December 2015. Nonetheless, the story of lack of skill hit out in however all over again as the manufacture unsuccessful in completing.

It then pronounced in 2016 and began 2017 that the Islamabad International Airport will inaugurate on 14th August 2017. The public disappointed or fooled so to say, yet again and the date delayed until the end of 2017. Then, it announced that the airport would inaugurate in the first quarter, but the same story continued.

Inauguration Date of Islamabad International Airport 20th April, 2018

The latest date for the inauguration of Islamabad International Airport set to April 20 2018, and in view of the history, it doesn’t sound very substantial. Nonetheless, there are just two weeks left to that date so that we will find out soon. The project hasn’t been short of irregularities and corruption either. Auditor General of Pakistan in 2017 revealed massive irregularities in awarding projects to the companies.

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