J. Junaid Jamshid Branding, Craze and Popularity – A success story



Since it was inaugurated in 2000, J. has groomed up as one of the role model fashion brands in conventional Pakistan fashion world where it is famous with the trademark, “Soully East”. How it gets great fame over a time being of 4 or 5 years? Because it belongs to a style icon as the winning vocalist of one of Pakistan’s most famous pop-rock bands, Vital Signs, Junaid Jamshed how brand get extraordinary fame among people.

Junaid Jamshed Brand


Inspiration Behind Launching

Talking about the motivation behind introduction J., Junaid Jamshed said,

“The selfsame impression of establishing the brand, came up in the year 2000 when I appreciated that I should do somewhat like this. The BBC in Birmingham welcomed us, and we were undertaking a program where people from all the SAARC countries were being epitomized.  There were people from India (some of them were their top actors), Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Maldives, Bhutan, and we from Pakistan. We (Vital Signs) were requested to attire our old-style outfits and we thought unready for it as equated to the other countries. Their performers came outfitted in their outmoded attires and that’s when it connected … we didn’t have whatever that naturally signified the conventional Pakistani dress. “

Naming the Brand

So how did they elect on the name of the brand?

According to Junaid Jamshed,

“We were sitting together and thinking it must be a name fit on me but does not seems to be like Amir Adnan. It must be Look like Junaid Jamshed but must not be the overall name. Because what will people call it, like I am wearing Junaid Jamshed. LOL! I started laughing at it and said it is not alright, well we finalize to declare the brand name as J. within three sittings. It was not an easy task”.

J. Outlets

Junaid Jamshed Clothing

The Brand J. Junaid Jamshed clothing is not now remained a clothing brand. It has been diversified since last few years. It has dynamic collection for males and females.

  • For Woman Collection:

On the Part of lady’s collection, a year has been divided into four launches i.e. spring collection, summer collection, winter and autumn collections. It always opens before the arrival of the upcoming season and J. Outlets remain crowded until it becomes empty.

  • Man’s Collection

J. men clothing

Man’s collection also comes up with fantastic designs from the groom wears to casual kurta wear. You will see decent and elegant but costly kurtas in the outlets of J.

Junaid Jamshed Fragrances

J. Fragrances

OMG! Junaid Jamshed Fragrances are stunning ever. These are under your budget to get the one. Not only ladies but gent’s collection is also super. Some of the famous roars of elegance perfumes are Uroosa, Azbah, Waseem Akram WA502 etc. etc.

Junaid Jamshed Bags and Jewelry

It is also vital but newly introduced accessories include bags and jeweller. Recently, J. Junaid Jamshed Makeup is inaugurated. Let see how far this brand will go on the part of innovation.

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