Talented Singer Jayanthi Suresh Interview with Mirch Masala TV


Jayanthi is a well Known singer in India and UAE circle; her full name is Jayanthi Suresh. She is a Post graduate in Business administration andand also, she is a diploma holder of Russian language. Moreover, she is a full-time Banker as well she has contributed articles for local tabloid as a freelancer. Whereas, she hosted at a local FM station. A few days back MirchMasalaTV host Miss Rubab Sahar met her to take her interview. Here we are going to share Jayanthi Suresh interview with you also.

Jayanthi Suresh Interview by Rubab Sahar

MMTV: MirchMasalaTV
JS: Jayanthi Suresh

MMTV: Tell us Jayanthi Suresh about yourself?

JS: I am a professional singer, a voice-over artist, and an emcee. I have my audios and videos. Moreover, I do shows/events, and also, I lend my voice to IVR, radio/TV commercials; documentaries, etc. I love hosting as it gives me more confidence towards my work.

MMTV: At what age did you start singing?

JS: In school, when I was a kid, I used to hum and sing along with other playback singers and their songs.

MMTV: Please tell us your inspiration?

JS: Initially, I was quite fascinated by Lata Ji and Asha Ji like everyone. Since I loved music; I used to adore every singer.

MMTV: Do you write your own songs?

JS: No, I do not write my songs.

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MMTV: How you get inspiration for your songs?

JS: I am passionate about music; So I am self-motivated.

MMTV: Will you have plans to perform with any other singer in the future, who are those?

JS: From male singer, I would like to perform with Sonu Nigam. Whereas, among female singers, I love to sing with Shreya Ghoshal.

MMTV: Which one is your favorite song to sing live?

JS: I love all genres and would love to sing any melodious song.

MMTV: Do you have any upcoming events or recording going on right now?

JS: Events keep coming; some are lined up in the month of April. Two of my songs are ready for which I am making a simple video. Furthermore, I am working on new covers.

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MMTV: Who are your favorite singers?

JS: I admire almost all , as each one has a different style but to a great extent i follow shreya ghosal Asha ji ; and who does not like Rafi saab and Kishore da..

MMTV: How do you communicate with the audience?

JS: While singing, usually I go up to my audience and try to involve them.

MMTV: What do you do in your spare time?

JS: I am a banker by profession. Besides that, I would love to practice music as much as possible. Moreover, dubbing work and emceeing also occupy my time.

MMTV: What are your greatest strengths?

JS: Hard work and commitment is my real strength to have success in my profession.

MMTV: How do you handle stress and pressure?

JS: I don’t do anything in particular; I just take things as it comes.

MMTV: Do you want to give any message to upcoming singers?

JS: I still consider myself a student and have to learn a lot. As music is an ocean, so, I don’t really have anything to say on this.

Jayanthi Suresh Interview 2018

Jayanthi Suresh Interview 2018

Jayanthi Suresh Interview 2018

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