A Journey of Bangalore Girl; From Sneha to Empress Universe 2018


A Woman Spirit must be like;

“Your visions with the inspiration of winning million hearts with noble thought of showing women spirits that empowered those unseen positive vibes that can never be led down unless or until you lose hope in yourself”. A wise Quote.

Empress Universe; what it represents to you?


According to Sneha, Empress Universe 2018; “All those opportunities you just dreamed off – with this ambience; may once they fulfill soon. It is motive of Empress Universe Platform”.

Empress Universe

It is a platform for – All those beautiful ladies to garnish their talent with the spirit of doing something who follows their inner voice beaten by their noble hearts. It is the gentle platform that smelt the inner ability and talent of the Empress Universe 2018 “Sneha” from Bangalore and showed that hidden refreshing essence of this beautiful lady to the World with a wave of hope. It transcended the best voice of those women who want their voice to be heard since million miles away. A common woman like Sneha from Bangalore India is a strong spirited woman who has believed in her talent along with beauty while Empress Universe proves to be a big stage for her to present herself to be a beauty pageant.

A hope to see your dream comes true:

“I was a common girl unknown for the world just having a hold on my few dreams hidden in my eyes to be famous overnight. I applaud myself and give a standing ovation to this stage who polished my skills more by believing in me and my talent. It gives strength to every beauty by showing their positive notions through this beautified pageant arranged for girls like me. I won uncountable hearts through this stage, I was one of the contestants out of 18000. I just won through the field based on four rounds.  It had city round, state round, the country round and grand finale” – Quoted Sneha; Empress Universe 2018.





Sneha’s Personal life:

According to her, she is an Indian born to be a beautiful lady living in Dubai since last four years. Her enthusiasm for doing something courageous never remained down because she has the best hope in her as she believes in her chasing ability without being afraid. She knew that she is born to do something exceptional she never let herself degrade for fighting against the challenges she has to face while stepping up toward success. Sneha has successfully won the 4 round based tasks from start to end.

Grand Finale Empress Universe 2018

Grand Finale Miss Empress Universe 2018

Finally, she was crowned by the famous Indian Actress Mahima Chaudhary and the founder of Empress Universe Shelly in New Delhi India in 2018. In the presence of her parents, she was feeling proud. She said that “Today I am here just because of the support of my parents, they must support every child by believing in their ability as my parents did believe in me” At the time of receiving crown her eyes were filled with sentimental tears of strange happiness.

Dreams Should be lived alive

She just delivered a courageous speech about 5 minutes for those women who are talented while having spirit and ability as well. But they remain degraded due to the surrounded circumstances. She said, “My words are for those spiritual women who believe in themselves but they should have to fight against the rivalries they have to face by rising their head up because they are not doing anything shameful. Support yourself either you are get benefited or not. Be fair with yourself first then you will see how the gates of success and fame will be open on you”.

miss sneha

Support by MMTV:

MMTV supports every talent with the winning spirit as Sneha is the biggest example to be an Empress universe 2018 to support her to be there, where she is now.

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