Kader Khan: A Star faded away from Bollywood Sky


An Intro to Late Kader Khan

A Muslim Star was born on the land of Afghanistan with uncountable talent moved India to give the smile on the face of the people by giving them entertainment with his comedian nature named Kader Khan; was born on the 11th December 1937. Nobody knew that how much smile this comedian is going to give on the faces of the people. This great man was admitted in hospital in Canada since last year. It was revealed in 2018 that he has died in Canada but his close relative declared the news was just a rumour. Here the sunrise of 2019 when the sun of this great man’s life’s sunsets. Alas! We lost him on a joyous day when the New Year was about to begin, he has died on 31 December 2018 at 6 pm in the evening. Kader Khan Death’s day will a black clouded sorrowful in Bollywood.

His Career and Achievements in life

  • Movies: With more than 300 movies he had performed as a character of the father, brother, husband, neighbour, and a friend even a villain role also played by him very well. This veteran celebrity has performed a death scene in various movies and now he has left us in reality. The glory of gold never ends to shine if the strength of fighting against dust of disease is firm. Those who fight with illness happily and live the remaining days of life lively; must be given a tribute in the world that will remain alive after them.

  • Career: Stars are made but meant to break. One who has come have to die one day. A similar story is Kader Khan. Kader Khan Movies, from 1st movie Meherban in 1993 was the successful start of his career. He has performed in many successful movies named Dulhay Raja, Hum, Coolie number 1, Baap numberi beta 10 numberi, judai, Taqdeer Wala, Suhaag, Yaarana, Raja ji, Bhau and many more. His last movie was with Salman Khan named as ‘Yeh hai Jalwa’ played a grandfather’s role remained famous for 3 to 4 years. Kader Khan once declared a fact that: People want to Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan Performance in movies only.
  • Awards Achievements: International Indian Award for best performance in Dulhan hum le jayenge in 2011. Filmfare Award for ‘Baap Numberi Beta 10 numberi’ in 1993. Screen Award IN for best comic role actor in 1995 for movie Taqdeerwala. He has won many more awards. A lifetime achievement award by Oscar in Filmfare in 2017 was presented to this experienced keen man.

Different Actors Views about Kader Khan

Salman Khan

Before a star, he was the best human in life to whom I have met. He was a great person when we remain there on stage in our idle time. A writer, filmmaker, actor and film director has been lost by us which is a big loss to Bollywood.

Amitabh Bachchan

According to a tweet by Amitabh Bachchan, he said that “Many “Duas and Prayers” for my late friend “A compassionate friend and amazing writer and stage has left us. It is sad and depressing news. A lot of condolences for him”.

Actors Views about Kader Khan

These were the hidden fact behind the unknown curtain of this famous crew. May his soul rest in peace Kader Khans’ death’s fact revealed by MMTV with important facts are honoured for MMTV to write for such people who are mountains in themselves.

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