Kangana Ranaut Bold And Straightforward


It is said fortune favors the bold, as well as Kangana Ranaut, is well known for her being bold and straightforwardness. She does not care much about what she is talking about and what will be the response. She has even got a reputation about this, as she is an outspoken person. The three-time National Award winning actress appeared to take a dig at heroines Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. Both of them are exploring career options in Hollywood. Now, in an interview she said that “These are attractions that I won’t fall prey to them.” Deepika Padukone made her Hollywood debut against Vin Diesel in the newly released xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. Whereas Priyanka Chopra is doing work for two seasons on an American TV as the star of Quantico. She is preparing herself for the release of Baywatch. Also, that is her first Hollywood film.

Kangana Ranaut Bold And Straightforward

Kangana Ranaut for herself provides the reason that she is in the right place at the exact time already. “It would be ridiculous for anyone to make a move to the West now. Their theatre business is crashing because of the inrush of digital media. Despite this fact that Asia is in that place where Hollywood was 15 years ago. It is a fertile time for entertainment here. These are inducements that I won’t fall victim of it.

Bold Kangana Ranaut

Kangana said that an American film (The Jungle Book (2016) is doing Rs 100 crore business. However, our all films cannot reach this status, we may not find enough screens for home-bred films ten years down the line. I am all for the world cinema, although it needs to be a movie which brings work and money into our country. I don’t want to offer myself on a tray to another industry,” Kangana Ranaut declared.

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