Kashmir; A Marvellous Heaven on Earth


God has made heaven with all His will wholeheartedly. He decorated it with multi lights lit up day and night with never smelled fragrances similarly Kashmir is marvelous heaven on Earth that God has designed with all the beautiful pearls and decors that has been left after decorating the heaven above. The term “Heaven on Earth” has been heard numerous times but it would be felt when you visit Kashmir. Anybody who visited Switzerland could better give the inclination between Switzerland and Kashmir because both beauties are similar.

Geographical Location

Kashmir’s main geographical location is in Indo-Pak Sub-Continent Asia, as it shares most northern east part of Pakistan while northern west in India. This region is the serene, transparent, pure and untouched beauty of the Valley Atth Muqam 75 km from Muzaffarabad, while from Goa to Shimla, you can join the ways to Kashmir in India.

Most appealing Places to visit in Kashmir

Kashmir is a majestic place to explore the magic of heaven under the foggy curtains of beauty.

Geographical Location

Wise Quote; “Captivating wonderland of Kashmir, Snowcapped Peaks, Golden Sunny Gardens, Romantic Barges with your darlings, you will never want to go back to leave it all alone a kind of heaven made the place”.

Places that attract you toward their fascination:

  • Great Himalayas; the great mountain is the one people want to move upward to make a record that they have touched heights to this level.
  • Peer Panjal Ranges; amazing snowcaps people love to visit under the white captivating dress ups.
  • Srinagar; the beauty at its best if you want to see countless flowers in eye-grabbing colours you are welcome to visit this astonishing place.
  • Leh; the pure adventuress land.
  • Kupwara; a king’s crown.
  • Kathua; Sufism is rooted in the land.
  • Pahalgam; overloaded serenity.
  • Doda; blessed with diverse landscapes.
  • Hemis; the rare territory.
  • Pulwama; the city boosted with eye-grabbing colours.

Places that attract you toward their fascination:

Famous Food of Kashmir

Famous food is “Kashmiri Tea and Kahwas”. This place is known for Qahwa because of the cold weather remains whole year even if it is summer, winter, spring or autumn, every weather remains the same temperature that’s why it is a place where Kahwa has been taken for the whole year. Humus and Mutton are the favourite dishes cooked in Kashmir. Dum Pukht is also one of the famous food of Kashmir that people love to eat there.

Famous Dressings

Along Abaya kind of vast frocks with amazing and multi-mirror work to wear for girls with face cover shawls long in size while for boys’ long vast shirts plus multi-mirror work caps for wearing. Hairstyles done by girls are long numerous ponytails with styling pearls and beads in hair. They love to play in lands under valleys where multi charismas are flowing.

Famous Dressings

Famous Customs since centuries.

If someone dies there, it is a custom since centuries they will have a dance upon that death because they don’t want to show their sorrow to the world and became happy that someone who has come to the world has to go back. This is a famous tribe custom known as “Hal or Habbar”. I do not belong to any religion. That’s why it is an old custom they follow since centuries, they actually don’t know the origin and base of this custom.

A place meant to enjoy for Honeymoon

It is a national tradition to go to Kashmir for honeymoon among couples in Indo-Pak LOL! So, this is a romantic place and why to go to Dubai or Switzerland either we have a “Charisma Place Kashmir” to check out in Asia. Must go and visit and stay tuned to MMTV to explore more places.

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