Few Lesser-Known Facts About Water Melon – Everyone Must to Know


Importance of Watermelon

Watermelon is a delicious, sugary and yummy fruit that comes in summer. It’s all about water and water. This very watery fruit is not only best to hydrate your body but also glow your skin and blemish your stomach from hot stomach sore in summer. There are many vital benefits that nobody can deny fixing overcome. Watermelon is 95% comprised of water. Rest 5 % is material or substance you just swallow with water.

All about watermelon

Following is a detail history, recipes, benefits and more about watermelon to be eatable in summer to get benefit from its natural nurturement.

Benefits of Watermelon

No doubt, the benefits of watermelon are unlimited, all you need to get all info at a single place. So, for that matter it is very easy to read this article because you will get recipes, treatment of various disease and major benefits of the watermelon.

Benefit of watermelon

Helping in Hydration

It helps your body to keep hydrated unless or until you are going to intake it properly. You must eat watermelon daily because it comes only in summer. It help to nourish your stomach moisturizer. Moreover, it stabilize the water level in your body.

Contains Elements Save You from Cancer

benefit of watermelon for cancer

It also contains the elements like vitamin C, B and K and carbohydrates that helps your body to dissolve all the cancerous germs and throw out all the diseases belongs to cancer rooted out of the body. It washes your belly and kidneys that helps to make your excretory system so pure and serene.

May Improve Heart Health


It also relax the flow of the blood into the human body. That leads to help you and your heart to work so smooth. If heart is free of excessive calories and cholesterol, then I don’t think so there is anybody. Who is not capable of living more than a century.

It is Best for Skin and Hair Care

It is all about a watery thing. Water is very best source of spark and glow for the human skin. While it also helps to grow your hair. The dry scalps need mist so watermelon does the same job to moisturize hairs’ scalp if you eat on regular basis.

Recipes Made Up of Watermelon – its All About Summer Fun

watermelon recipes

Mix Melo and Strawberry Shake

Put a half Kg clean strawberry into half bowl of peeled off watermelon. Now grind both well. Add 7 to 8 tablespoon sugar and add salt to taste. Pour some ice cubes into blender. Blend well, now Put the mixture into glasses and enjoy mix Melo and Strawberry Shake.

Watermelon Caramel Funky Cake

Watermelon cake

This is one of he most demand-able item number by the kid’s as popular in them. Your kid have to eat this at any cost. Due to its delicious taste cake made of watermelon remain popular among kids. There is a major benefit of this cake is, those kids who don’t like watermelon will eat it in shape of cake.

Watermelon Shakes

You can make watermelon shakes just simply by blending it then pour by straining out into a glass and serve your loved ones and gain praises upon it.

Watermelon Strawberry Spa Pops

Watermelon ice cream

You can pour that watermelon juice and strawberry juice into ice cream molds and refrigerate it overnight. Next day, give these spa pops to your kids and enjoy This is how you can eat watermelon and get benefited out of it.


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